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Amesbury Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/21/2002
Amesbury Court is conveniently located one block from Aurora Ave N in North Seattle and has a fair amount of amenities, including a parking garage and washer/dryer in each unit. The main problem here was the husband & wife management team. These managers do not like their jobs -- and it shows. <br> <br>Since they lost their full-time office manager, finding either property manager became a difficult chore. They were always unprofessional and unpleasant to deal with. <br> <br>More than anything, beware when you sign your lease that you are agreeing to a ridiculous list of charges for cleaning when you move out. After I gave my notice, the wife even warned me that they NEVER return a full security deposit -- how fair does that sound to you? I spent a week scouring every surface, following their list of outrageous demands, including washing the filter in the stove hood and prying dirt from the tracks of each window. This list seemed more punitive & petty than practical, designed so that the tenant ends up responsible for doing what should be the managers' jobs. You and I are not professional cleaners, after all -- and the law does not require us to be. It is only in the world of Amesbury Court that such expectations are enforced. In other situations, I have spent far less time cleaning but still received a full security deposit refund. However, despite my best efforts Amesbury Court stole most of my $400 security deposit. When I complained, their explanation was that because they had pro-rated the last month's rent (which was their idea, not mine), that I should just shut up. <br> <br>Their actions were HIGHLY ILLEGAL. Washington law does not allow them to deduct from a security deposit for cleaning of normal wear and tear. But since it was only my word against theirs I did not pursue it in court. <br> <br>From a practical standpoint, when your upstairs neighbors walk from room to room at night, it sounds like Godzilla. You can hear them talking (and doing other more intimate things) as well. And on the grounds of the complex, several lamp posts were missing lights, and plants were allowed to die and never replaced. <br> <br>Spare yourself the aggravation and avoid having your security deposit ripped off -- there are several other, nicer apartment complexes in the same area.
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Amesbury Court Apartments

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