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1820 Minor Ave

Seattle, WA 98101



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Political_Pulpit • Resident 2002 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/24/2003
If you are selling or looking to buy just about any kind of drug or prostitute, then this is your place. <br> <br>I have seen drunks pissing in the hallways, people selling drugs with impunity in the hallways, building being vandalized by writing on just about every surface imaginable, cigarettes put out on the walls, and carpets, apartments broken into, laundry rooms flooded, elevators not working, alarms pulled several times each day and night, loud music, cars vandalized, gang activity, fights, yelling and screaming at all hours of the day or night, lewd comments by the drunks in the building. <br> <br>This building needs a police precinct here. The fire department practically lives here. <br> <br>There are more people in the neighborhood having the secure garage entry code than there are residents in this building. <br> <br>The management team are here six days a week, but for all of their effectiveness, they might as well stay away. <br> <br>Elevators have been non-funcioning for over six months at a time. <br> <br>In a quest to raise the occupancy level of this building the management will rent to anybody that breathes. If you have $200.00 cash to move in, you can stay here for three months before you are finally evicted for non-payment. They will charge you $40.00 for a credit check, but unless you are an axe-murderer or Ted Bundy, you can be assured acceptance. <br> <br>This place needs to be closed down for being a public nuisance due to all of the illegal activity allowed to happen here. <br> <br>It will take a lot of money to restore this ten-year-old building to a level that will make it at least liveable. <br> <br>The owners of this building and all employees of Tecton Management should be ordered to live here for six months or lose ownership altogether. Tecton should lose any business license to operate an apartment in this state. <br> <br>You would be better off living in a prison instead of living here at the Balfour. BE WARE! <br> <br>
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