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Court At Northgate



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
JUST DON'T DO IT. you can find WAY better places for cheaper. screaming kids, screaming parents, people smoking in the hallways, often a wierd burning chemical smell in the hallways, food and garbage along the carpeted hallways for WEEKS at a time. Your clothes are almost ALWAYS stolen from the laundry room- they say don't do your laundry after 10pm- BUT after 10pm is the only time your likely NOT to get your clothes stolen. Your car WILL get stolen or broken into and the cameras posted on the outside of the building DO NOT WORK- that's right, they are just for "show".<br><br>One summer I had a HUGE bee hive outside my porch and didn't notice them until I went to set a few boxes out there. I went quickly back inside and phoned maintenance - they said they would kill the bees as soon as they can. 2 weeks went by and I still had the bee hive so I called again- same thing- they said they would be out there - TWO DAYS LATER I get a notice on my door saying that I need to remove the boxes off my porch. Incompetant employees. <br><br>sinks leak- and good luck getting maintenance to show up. <br><br>THE PLACE IS DOWN RIGHT CREAPY - I don't mind the different assortment of people, it's the eerie feeling you get walking through the halls at night or even during the day. For a while I was convinced my apartment was haunted- and I don't beleive in that stuff - my couch was shaking as I layed on it watching tv, wierd noises were coming from the closet- a "shifting" noise that lasted almost 8 minutes, I took everything out the next day and there was nothing in there i.e. mice, rats. My lamp shade flew off the lamp from the living room and landed in my dining room. <br><br>It's just NOT WORTH IT.
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Court At Northgate

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