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Magnolia Manor



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Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/31/2006
This place, by far, was the worst place I have ever stayed. EVER. Where should I begin...?<br>I lived with my fiancee in this place for a year before we got married. Our space was large, but the carpet was old, and there was only two windows-- one in our bedroom and the sliding glass door. So it was dark and depressing. Just across the street is the train tracks, so day in, day out, there would be the crashing of these trains, and it is really loud and makes the whole building shake. The neighbors are a shady bunch. I had my laundry stolen many times. Right out of the washer, too. The manager wasn't a bad guy-- he did what he could-- but the owner was the problem. He was a complete cheap----. He had the manager pay tenants who were willing to do little fix-ups around the place. Sad, but true. <br>But here's where the real nightmare began...<br>My fiancee and I left to have our wedding in Morocco. While we were on our honeymoon, we received an email from the apt manager stating how the "roofers" the owner had hired forgot to cover up their unfinished business, and it had rained and the roof collapsed on our apartment, and water had leaked in. All of our stuff was ruined. Everything. <br>When we got back, the manager showed us our place. It was a disaster. The roof was caved in, mold from insulation was littered everywhere-- just awful. The best part? That the "roofers" were hired illegal immigrants from off the street! Oh, and get this... after I told the owner, who came by to inspect the damage his illegal roofers had created, he wondered why and asked us to "tough it out." His exact words. He wanted us to "tough out" the water-logged bed, the mold-infested insulation and the crap all over the floor. Yeah right! I cussed him and told him HE could move all my ---- out and sued him for damages. STAY OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE!!!!
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Magnolia Manor

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