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Monticello Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2012
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Office Staff
This property has had more than it's share of problems. Mildew is a constant problem. Maintenance does a good job cleaning it up, but the building is so poorly constructed and old it just comes back. And don't get me started on the crazy woman who runs around the property screaming. Beyond obnoxious. The units are small and in fairness you know this going in. But you can't expect almost $900 for less than 400 sq ft. The building is concrete but you hear everything! The washing machines are always down. Maintenance calls Mac Gray but they never respond. But the biggest by far is the actual management company! For what seemed like a year, they had a different manager every month or every few months. Towards fall/winter they finally got a good manager. She actually cared about the property and the residents. But Investco is blind and couldn't see what they had. She really whipped that place into shape and got out all the crack heads (and yes, there really were) but they let her go anyway. It was known that there were several vacant apartments, but that's going to happen when you get rid of all the bad people nobody wants to live by. I don't want to worry if the crack head two doors down is going to break in or steal my stuff. I will without a doubt be moving out at the end of my lease in June. In large part because of the revolving managers. The corporate office never responds to resident concerns and clearly doesn't care. The property is in a bad neighborhood and rent is too high for what they offer. Aside from the most recent manager, the only bright side is the new maintenance. The old guy did sloppy lazy work and refused to fix things. But the new guy is amazing and now the only positive feature. Don't waste your time here. The rent is lower than a lot of places, but still too high for what you get, or dont get. Investco needs to learn how to take care of their properties and staff.
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Monticello Apartments

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