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Monticello Apartments



Resident · 2011
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
In fairness you will not find any inner-city apartment at these rent points. They are the cheapest apartments available in the downtown vicinity. That being said there's a lot that goes into factoring that. Staff: I only lived here for about 3.5 months before I got right out of here. During that time there had been 3 different managers, each worse than the last. It seems that Investco uses this as a training area for new managers; or perhaps a punishment they way they seem to work. Since management changes so frequently there are many errors made in their paper work. My parking had to be changed 3 different times, one time where they almost towed my vehicle all because they lost my parking agreement. Depending on who they have the hours are, seemingly, unofficial. As far as maintenance goes I got nothing done that I needed. It seemed the maintenance guy always had an excuse for anything that needed to be done as to why he didn't need to do anything. Property: You can try to imagine this place a sort or retro chic, but it falls flat. While the lobby is very nice, as soon as you go out its all like a horrible public school from the 70s. Charming styling includes metal mesh alone every balcony. The halls frequently smelt of urine (once i saw someone pissing in the parking lot; nice. There only one laundry room for the entire building. No trash chutes. Not enough bike storage. Another problem is in regards to receiving packages. If it wasn't shipped via USPS with the office open, you will not get your package. If they receive it on a Friday, chances are they will be gone long before you get home, resulting in you having to wait until Tuesday when they reopen. My point is there's no package holding locker here, and there really needs to be with such awful office hours. Oh and if you get the paper it gets left t the lobby door. See if you actually get it. Unit: TINY. You know what you're getting into at first, but its not until you're living in it that you realize just how cramped these are. Oh and avoid hanging anything heavy, the walls are so bad yo can push the nail in with your thumb. The kitchens are a joke- super tiny ovens and fridges. unit had mold problems, I basically had to keep my windows open at all times, a problem not only temperature wise, but in that it gets extremely loud here. There's a playground right behind the building that kids scream in all the time (the acoustics from the surrounding buildings are impressive I give them that), and once they go to bed you have the ambulances all night! THE BIGGEST ISSUE however is the pest problem. Yes this place has tiny roaches out the wazoo and no matter how clean you are, or how much insecticide you use they WILL come back. Neighbors: Pretty awful. Noisy, druggy, trashy, dirty. Even though you pay for a spot, if someone parks there after management leaves, too bad- you'll have to wait. And trust he it happens more than it should. The walls are EXTREMELY thin here and you WILL hear anything your neighbor does. Every couple of days there was this guy who would absolutely blare rap at about 8 in the morning. Still happened till I left. When it wasn't him, it was trashy people hanging out in their cars in the rear parking lot. People will let their pets crap in the hall and leave it there too. SO CHARMING! So unless you simply must live downtown and cant afford anything else, please for the love of god avoid this place.
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Monticello Apartments

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