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Monticello Apartments



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I lived at Monticello for about three years and wish I could rate them 1/2 star instead of a full star. In retrospect I regret staying there as long as I did but hindsight is always 20/20. Let s start with the neighborhood: it s a little sketchy and due to the close proximity to the hospitals, be prepared to hear ambulances at all hours. The trade off is that you live near I5 & I90 and are walking distance from downtown and Cap Hill. The apartments are small (~400 sq ft) but are one bedroom as opposed to a lot of studio apartments in the area, which is a plus. The appliances (refrigerator & stove) are tiny; it s almost impossible to cook anything on the stove. The knobs on the stove constantly fell off and when I brought that to management s attention, I was told glue them back on. On the rare occasion that I used the stove, the fire alarms in my apartment would go off like no one s business. The drains are slow and clog regularly and the water pressure is lacking. To my knowledge I didn t have any roaches or bug problems but I ve heard a lot of people complain about it. One of my biggest issues was safety. The stairwells consistently reek of urine and on a few occasions even feces. It s not uncommon to find trash in the stairwells and if you re lucky, you ll stumble across used (presumably) drug paraphernalia. For a while tenants were leaving the gates open and as a result, homeless people were sleeping in the stairwell amongst other things. Management addressed this by limiting the number of entrances tenants had access to. Kind of a pain, but it didn t do much to alleviate any of the issues. Your neighbors are an eclectic mix. One of my neighbors routinely left bags of trash out for days at a time. Another apartment had at least 5 people living in it I knew this because you could see cots in their front room. When this was brought to the attention of management, they informed me that only one person was on the lease but that they would look in to it. Aside from that my time there was uneventful, save for having my laundry basket stolen. Speaking of management, that turns out to be my biggest beef. It was a CONSTANT revolving door and in my time at LEAST eight Property Managers have worked there; each one with their own arbitrary rules. Good luck getting in touch with them. I can t count the number of times I ve had emails go without response, voicemails not returned and unkept appointments. I ve had to request copies of my lease a half dozen times before I got a copy of it. Their move out procedure is an absolute joke. All in all, I gave Monticello the benefit of the doubt during my time there but lost all faith when I sent a certified letter outlining my concerns and ongoing issues at the property to their regional office and never received a response. Aside from that, my last few months there were an absolute hell, further complicated by a complete lack of communication by the property manager. Hoping to avoid a headache, I called their regional office and was never able to reach anyone. I reluctantly left voicemails but to my chagrin never received a call back. Although I m bitter about my time there, none of this is written in anger. In fact, it s only substantiated be all of the previous posts.
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Monticello Apartments

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