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Monticello Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I would never ever ever recommend this apartment to anyone. I moved to this location because the apartment I was living in jacked up the rent and I wanted to stay in the first hill area. The price was right at Monticello (and I am not saying it was cheap, but it was on the lower end for the area). My unit smelled weird all the time. When I first moved in, I figured it was left over from the last tenant and would get better over time, but that was not the case. I needed air fresheners in all the rooms to drown out the wet dog/moldy smell. Speaking of wet, the roof in my bedroom leaked (I lived on a top floor unit) and it took days for maintenance to address the issue. The water dripped onto my television and printer before I noticed. The apartment had terrible insulation as well. During the winter the temperature was unbearable. Even with the heat on all the time, it was unbearably cold. My TV would not turn on for hours at times due to the coldness (I have never had a single issue with the television turning on since moving out). When I would do laundry and hang dry clothes, some items stayed wet for a week before drying. I don't know what they insulated that place with, but if you chose to move here, you better have a high tolerance for cold and heat. I was sick more times than I can count on both hands while living here. There is an odd mixture of people living at the Monticello, ranging from Seattle University students to meth heads. I never felt safe living at the residence due to the people living around me and the poor area in which the apartment is located. I was terrified to walk my dog anytime after the sun set. When I moved into the apartment I was falsely led to believe by the website and management that there was an onsite dog park. When I came in to sign my lease and asked about where the dog park was, I was told they no longer had one. This has since been taken down off the website, but they were falsely advertising for some time. And the sirens! OH THE SIRENS! Be prepared for many sleepless night due to the ambulances constantly heading to and from Harborview. Also the police sirens as this is a high crime area. I only lived here one year, and that was too long. As I was not in the unit very long, I left the unit in great condition. That place was cleaner when I left than when I arrived. I have received all, if not close to all, of every apartment deposit I have ever had. Monticello had the nerve to take my entire deposit, and then charge me extra on top of it. What a joke! The management is always changing. It seemed like a new person came in every few months. The office always seemed to close at weird times and rarely remained opening during all of their business hours. It is next to impossible to deal with anything in the office if you work a normal job. I strongly urge anyone who is considering this apartment to look elsewhere. I have lived in a lot of apartments, and this place is by far the worst. I still cringe when I drive by the place. Trust me, you do not want to live close to downtown bad enough to live here.
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Monticello Apartments

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