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Resident · 2004
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Office Staff
Apartments in The Oliver have pretty nice and modern interiors. The appliances are also superb. However, it all looks nice on the outside. You will start regretting living there after the first month. During the first month I personally learned that some tenants got two months of free rent while I got only one month, which upset me a little bit. The problem still exists: I just have been quoted $1200, $1400, and $1780 for a two-bedroom apt over the period of 24 hours when I was trying to renew my lease and rent a bigger place. The building is dirty (trash on the roof, dog left-behinds on the staircase, trash in the garage). Security of the building is what scares me the most and is too much to deal with even for the toughest guys: people keep smashing car windows in the garage (one night somebody smashed windshields all cars on the second and the third floors of the garage. I started parking my car outside), vandalizing bicycles, there have been break-ins to apts, homeless people sleep in the garage during winter. Finally the management is extremely rude (keeps posting threatening messages to the tenants). I would never recommend this place to anyone. If you really must have it, think about it again. If you still want the place, make sure that you are really getting the best price or ask for a clause that will lower your rent if they start renting similar apts for less money within a month (have your friend call and check every couple of days). Also, ask them to remove the clause saying that they are not responsible for security of the building (they really don't feel responsible: when garage door broke, it was broken for over a month while everybody was paying for "secured" parking). Also, be aware that you can move out if they don't fix most of the things within 10 days (check Seattle landlord/tenant law). I just learned about it and I wish I knew this before since I had to wait to get my bathtub fixed for over two weeks. I’ve also noticed posts referring to one of the old managers of the building (the nice guy): he got fired. I think he was too nice for the owners to handle.
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