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Overlook At Magnolia Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2010
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Office Staff
We lived here for actually 10 years, but moved around in different apartments. The last apartment we lived in for the longest. When Metric managed the property, things were great. Good people in the office, the place looked nice, and maintenance did a good job. As soon as Weidner took it over, it went downhill fast. The people in the office seemed like they didn't care about anybody and the turnover of employees was ridiculous. It seemed like a new face everytime I went in to grab a package or something. Plus, they would "lose" your packages! It would say delivered, but they wouldn't have it. My guess was that they just gave it to someone else. The maintenance was terrible. We had a leaky window that was obviously in need of replacing and all they would do was put duct tape over the leak and then caulk it shut so when summer came around the apartment would get so hot inside, we couldn't even open the window! We had a garage as well. A pipe burst above our cars and started leaking through the ceiling, which eventually fell onto our cars. They repaired it by putting up a tarp over the hole. They didn't even offer to pay for the damages to the car. We also had neighbors above us who were in a band and would practice their music until 3am. We complained so much, they didn't do anything except not renew their lease. We had to wait 5 months until their lease was up for them to move. We finally got fed up and moved away. I do NOT recommend this place to anybody! They should tear the place down!
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Overlook At Magnolia Apartments

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