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Overlook At Magnolia Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
I lived at Overlook for a year, and it was an awful year!!! I lived on a ground-floor apartment with one of the gutter drains about a foot from my front door. It was the only drain that worked on my side of the building, so it was like Niagra Falls spewing out of it every time it rained. I even have videos of it that I took to show management. I would wake up to water less than 6 inches from my front door, and would have to walk through a HUGE puddle (about 3 inches deep in some places) just to get out of my apartment. After talking to management about it multiple times, they told me that there was nothing they could do about it because they would have to get on the roof and change the entire drainage system on the building - so I just had to live with it! I ended up having my dad bring me sand bags and helping me build a little damn around my front door. I also had a leak come down the wall into my bedroom closet, soak the drywall and carpeting, ruin my antique dresser from my great-grandmother, and stink up my apartment so badly that it was literally unlivable for 2 weeks! It took them a week to finally address the issue, and then another week of using up my electricity with fans and dehumidifiers and carpet cleaning. My electric bill for that time period was double what it normally was, and I wasn't even living there for two months. They refused to reimburse me for it.
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Overlook At Magnolia Apartments

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