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Overlook At Magnolia Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2011
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Office Staff
When I first moved here, I thought this was a pretty ok place. Definitely a step down from my snazzy digs in another city, but cost of living is a lot higher here, so my choices were more limited. The view from my balcony was great. The closets sold me on the place - WICKED AWESOME. My unit had new carpet and new appliances when I moved in. Many of my neighbors were outgoing and friendly and had been residents for several years. I enjoyed the "garage parties" with the BBQ and beer down in the parking lot. The layout was pretty nice and fit my oversized furniture, despite not being a huge unit. The longer I stayed, the faster the shine went away. The windows are single paned glass and leaky. Winter electric bills are wicked high because of all the cold air pouring in. You can also hear EVERYTHING happening outside. I really enjoyed hearing my neighbor praise her dog for pooping outside when I woke up in the morning. Or another neighbor clomping down the hallway in her heels every day. The buzzer from the front door is so loud and obnoxious it could wake the dead. The best part of the leaky windows? Smelling my next door neighbor grilling on their balcony through my own closed windows. Living next door to the laundry room was kinda awesome because I could hear when it was available. Of course, while I was laying in bed, I could also hear other people slam the doors closed while they did their laundry. There are nowhere near enough washers and dryers for the number of residents. More than once I had to load up and trek to a laundromat - and it's a trek, because there isn't one in Magnolia or Interbay - so I could have clean clothes for work in the morning, or fresh towels. Pet friendly is awesome. I have pets. But there are a lot of lazy pet owners who don't pick up after theirs, so I wound up tracking a lot of poop into my apartment in the course of trying to pick up after my own dog. Or just walking on the sidewalk, because they poop there too. Summer 2008 was epic for howling and barking dogs ALL DAY LONG. It got better, but it was sad having a next door neighbor (not the griller, the other one) who just locked their Newfoundland Retriever on the balcony while they were at work. Broke my heart hearing that poor dog cry - he was way too big for these apartments in the first place. The poop bag stations are nice. If you live in a building that has one. They aren't very well distributed. Along 27th Place isn't too bad. In the parking lot isn't too bad. On 26th? NONE. No place to dispose of dog poop. The dumpster space is inadequate for the size of the buildings. They were overflowing constantly the day before pickup. I wound up having to store bagged garbage on my balcony because I had no place to put it. People threw away furniture and other stuff in the itty bitty dumpster too when they moved in or out. Actually, I observed Overlook staff being the worst about throwing away furniture and random pieces of metal. The recycle bins weren't next to my building - you had to hike to them, and like the trash, were frequently overflowing. The property didn't have any kind of compost options which could have cut down on the amount of trash being generated. My downstairs neighbors had several incidents of leaks, which were blamed on me, usually on a Saturday morning, and I was told I couldn't use my bathroom until someone looked at it on Monday. It wasn't me. It was the crappy pipes. Shortly before I moved out, something leaked in the wall between my unit and the laundry room and as I moved my bed away from the wall I discovered black mold on my carpet and baseboard molding. The hot water was unreliable. During peak morning usage, the temperature would fluctuate and it would get hotter and hotter and hotter during the course of your shower. Or there would be no hot water. And you would do without a shower, then when you come home from work find a note that the water was turned off and you should use the shower in the gym/community center. My water bill always went up when the water issues were at their worst, because if you have to dump a boiler tank full of water, or you decided it was a good time to pressure wash the outside of the building, sidwalks, and exterior walkways, you should totally pass that bill onto your tenants rather than absorb it as an operating cost that should be incorporated into what you already charge for rent. Sewer and water are NOT metered by unit. You better plan to pay for a parking spot, because you're not going to find one on the street. And forget having people over after 6pm, because they won't find a place to park either. Even still, the spaces are narrow and my compact car has collected quite a few dings because there's just not enough room. I gave parking a 1 star rating, because it really ought to come with the unit - at least one spot per unit. The maintenance staff is special. Apparently spray paint, duct tape, zip ties and caulk fix EVERYTHING. They try to be courteous, if they speak English. Tom is great - I think he's just stuck working with a bunch of rude bozos (I'm looking at you Jonny!) and he doesn't have the resources to do stuff right. So, fixes tend to just be sloppy, delayed, and require pestering. These building are old. My floors weren't level, and the walls weren't plumb. In fact, the walls were wavy as I discovered when I attempted to hang a small shelf. The poor place is falling apart, and it's probably beyond saving, so might as well up the rent on these poor units. I spent a considerable amount of time cleaning my apartment at move out, and got a fair chunk of my deposit back. Better than many of my neighbor friends who left before and after me, but I think it was because I took time off work to spend DAYS cleaning. However, I was irritated that I got charged for carpet cleaning and pet stains when I had already paid $400 in a non-refundable pet deposit. What does the non-refundable pet deposit pay for? It's not carpet wear. Or poop bags. Or regular visits from the poop fairy to visit the grounds. I kinda regret disclosing that I had two pets, because I could have saved some of that non-refundable pet deposit. Like a lot of the other reviewers, I've had packages "lost" by the office. A number of the staff have been really nice, but it's been a revolving door, so only a few peoples names actually stick with me. I think there were 3 different managers during my tenure - Jill, Monica, and the unremarkable invisible one between them. The elevator is small, super slow and makes scary sounds. It also went out of commission pretty frequently. Overlook a rotting memory of its former self. With a view. If you live above 2nd floor. I bet it was a sweet place in the early 70s. Too bad it's 40 years later.
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Overlook At Magnolia Apartments

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