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Overlook At Magnolia Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
I have called this place my home for almost 3 full years. I love my apartment- and I am cringing at the thought of leaving, mostly because moving is a pain. My biggest issue with The Overlook is the office staff. When I first moved in, I never had an issue. I paid rent two months in advance. They seemed very accommodating, as well as decently friendly. In the last year the office staff has seen quite a few changes. Now I can only describe my experiences with the office at any time as painful. I've played office tag with them quite a few times since their "new and exciting office upgrade" began. They were not available at their temporary office during their supposed hours. They hadn't informed me (and maybe other renters) that they were still using the old drop box until my rent was late. After multiple phone calls and emails I was promised that under the circumstances I wouldn't have to worry, and I wouldn't incur a late fee. When I finally made it to the office the next day, they accepted my check. I got an email and a phone call the next day to inform me that I owed them $50 for paying rent late. I called the office and spoke with the same person who signed the email. She claimed she didn't know what that email was. I said I would forward it to her and she changed me to a different person. After explaining my situation (I work the hours that their office is open, so I couldn't get a check to them) the lady just said she was sorry but I had to pay the fee. At this point, it was the third of the month, not even the typical 5 days= late fee. I was infuriated, because I had spoken to so many people, but decided it wasn't worth the battle. Calls and emails are rarely returned, and to pay rent online there is a "convenience" fee of about $35 when you pay with a credit card (doesn't accept VISA). I've also received utility bills on the day that they are due. I've constantly had issues with scheduling maintenance. I have had to call and remind the office of my appointments when they have missed them by a matter of days (for example water heater above my apartment broke, filling my ceiling with water- it took them months to "fix" it which was slightly draining it and then painting over it). The tap water tastes absolutely awful, and when I start my shower I can smell the water, which seems quite strange to me. The maintenance guys are really sweet, and so is the woman who cleans around the hallways. Leanna in the office (if she is still there) was ALWAYS friendly, helpful, and overall the best person to speak with in the office. Other than that, NO ONE is accountable for anything, but how could they be with how unorganized they must be? I highly suggest keeping a paper trail of any communications with the office. I wish that the office would really get it together and I could just stay here. I think the price is decent and the space is awesome, I am honestly just tired of feeling like every little thing turns into a battle.
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Overlook At Magnolia Apartments

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