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Paul Revere



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Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/21/2006
Unless you are having serious financial trouble don't rent here! The manager is unhelpful and snotty! Seriously, find a roomate and get a better place.<br>Bad things about the building:<br>-front door doesn't close properly, I personally screwed the latchplate on myself twice! (And to the reply below, <br>It's not the wood that kept it from closing in my case, it is an unscrewed latchplate.)<br>-The last 2 times I went to the laundry room there was water leaks all over the place, ceiling dripping, a dryer leaking no cleanup whatsoever (to the comment below, I moved out before new machines were installed, but my laundry room experience can speak to the inefectiveness of management)<br>-lots of noise from sirens, to nieghbors, to Vito's<br>-Plumbing is horrible! My upstairs nieghbors shower sounds like a tea kettle in my apartment, and had air leaks in my plumbing because of an improperly finished job in a nieghboring apartment.<br>-Strange vents in the apartment that bring in cold musty air, I had to cover mine up.<br>-Bathrooms don't have fans<br>-Windows leak and are mildewy<br>-Many parts of the cieling and walls are just spackle<br>-intercom is broken quite frequently<br><br>Bad things about the area:<br>-Impossible parking<br>-fights breaking out at Vito's (nearby bar/club) all the time. Very scary walk back to your place if you have parked anywhere near Vito's<br>-Very pushy homeless in the area<br><br>Oh and watch out for hidden fees!<br>-There is a non-refundable 175.00 Administration fee on your lease.<br>-There is no water meter on your apartment, they just take the water bill for the entire building and split it by the number of units. This means you are paying for the leaky washing mashines, the outdoor spigot that gets left on, the watering of the bushes. Seriously my water bill was higher than my electrical bill because of this. And to the reply below, how would they know how to calculate the community utilities correctly.<br>-New manager is requiring everyone to have renter's insurance, no doubt she gets a kick back from that company she recommends.<br>-Yes, there were more fees when I moved out, the manager was very picky.<br><br>LOOK-->The retort to my comment below seems to know a lot about how utilities are divided, the painter's lifts damaging the roof, what Carey has handed out, what Carey has explained, etc. etc. I truly thing the writer of the retort is Carey, as is the comment titled "great management" Seriously, look at the Paul Revere's website or ads and you can see the same wording as the "great management" comment.<br>
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Paul Revere

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