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Paul Revere



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mokey1313 • Resident 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 12/28/2006
After having read the various negative reviews, I feel compelled to put in my two cents. First, it seems that many of the people posting have not had much experience living in a city. Noise, pollution, no parking, and nefarious characters are some of the many aspects of urban living, and for me the fabulous location near all that Seattle has to offer is more than worth the inevitable negatives associated with living in a city. I personally have never seen so many whiny people expecting a parking spot in a city!!<br><br>Now to the building. Yes, it is old. Now, I personally think that is part of its charm. If you don t, the lower rents more than make up for the small concerns you may have because of living in a circa 1920 s building. Carey (the manager, whom I will discuss later,) is very up front about the age of the building and all that entails. I have had problems since moving in, and each has been dealt with speedily and effectively. I have to say that this is the BEST maintenance staff I have ever dealt with. <br><br>Since I moved in, the outside of the building has been painted and the laundry room completely overhauled. I overheard some of the residents complaining about the laundry room being shut down during its renovation (I must add that there was AMPLE notice of this happening,) so keep in mind when reading the other reviews that they seem to be the kind of people who will complain even when things are being improved!! <br><br>Carey, the manager, is in a word fantastic. Anyone who has a problem with her, is exactly the sort of person who thinks they are entitled to a parking spot in a city. She is, hands down, the most effective and efficient property manager I have ever dealt with, and complaints about her are what spawned this tirade. She is quick to handle any sort of issue that arises, and it is evident that she truly cares about the building. She has gone out of her way to accommodate the tenants during the laundry room renovation and painting, throwing pizza parties with free goodies, etc. She didn t not have to take time out of her life to do so, and I for one recognize and appreciate the gesture. All this entering the apartments without notice is utter nonsense. When dealing with the issues I have had, Carey has been superb about notifying me when she, or the maintenance staff, will be in my apartment. All in all, with a building as old as the Paul Revere is, and with tenants who apparently like to complain when the wind changes, Carey is to be commended for her hard work and superb job. The fact that I just took time out of my incredibly busy day to note this, should be evidence enough.<br>
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Paul Revere

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