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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/09/2005
I just loved living here. It was expensive, but there were plenty of great amenities. The street outside was noisy, but that's what you get in an action-packed location, and our unit was on the back and was very quiet. There were homeless people outside, but it's in the city, and well, the real world.<br><br>(Ok, one complaint is the gym. The soda machine took so much energy that often in the middle of a good run, the treadmill and all the lights would go out. Also, the TV and free weights were constantly being stolen. What's up with that?)<br><br>All was well until we had to move out. When I went to the office to pay rent one month, the managers asked if we were moving, because they'd been called by another building checking references. I said yes, we were, and let them know when. I had a long, friendly chat with both of the managers about the reason for our move (new job). They told me, verbally, that I didn't need to put our moving date in writing, since we were talking about it so long in advance, and they'd just fill out the form themselves.<br><br>Stupidly, I believed them.<br><br>A good six weeks later I got a frantic call from one of the managers I'd spoken to that day. Apparently the deadline for written notice had passed, so they would be charging us for the next month's rent after we moved, beyond what our deposit would cover. And get this: the deadline had passed THE DAY BEFORE. Not only did he go back on his word, but if he'd known it would be a problem, and that we would in fact have to put it in writing, he could have called me the previous day and I'd have faxed him something right away.<br><br>The property management company was no help. The two managers, apparently, swore up and down that they didn't say we wouldn't need to put it in writing. At a time when our finances were already tight thanks to a cross-country move, we were out $900 for an apartment we weren't living in.<br><br>So despite a lovely building, I wouldn't recommend renting from any of the buildings owned by Harbor Properties.
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