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San Juan



Resident · 2011 - 2015
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Office Staff
I will start with " Do not " in any means shape or form , move in these apartments. I just moved out and it has once again turned into a apartment full of thugs and low lives , but there are Some nice people that do live there , but I am sure they will be moving soon , as I did. In August 2015 I had my package stolen from the mail box area . Two weeks later , the one of the brothers who did it , shot the other brother in apt # 27 because he disk him about his game play on his x box. ( in the West Seattle blog )The garage is always full of shopping carts from Safeway , trash etc and smells like urine because it is used by the homeless as a bathroom , as it is unsecured and they charge you $75.00 to park there , because they can , because there is only two hour parking on the street and they have you by the balls and the hallway carpets need to be replaced and most of the floors stink, especially the 2nd floor. They have had several car break ins ( over and over ) including mine , but I know who did mine. ( another thug who lives in the building . The owners refused to repair anything and the place smells and looks like a slum . Their are multiple safety violations in the building , including the fire doors on each floor are broken or propped open and black mold in the walls because the place leaks everywhere when it rains , and they refused to fix the leaks. People urinate in the stairwells and also leave trash there also. Two guys on the 3rd floor are always in front of the building drinking and smoking pot in the garage . And unlike other buildings who are raising their rents off the hook , at least their buildings are clean and are taken care of . The owners of the San Juan are slum lords , but Max the apartment manage is cool , but it's not his fault as he is just a go between and has no control over what the owners do. Well , I could go on and on , but all you have to do is look at the past reviews and see what I mean , as It has turned into a den of thugs and criminals once again . I had enough after 4 years of living here and I think with the amount of money they want to charge for rent , you could live on the street and be better off . Find a descent place to live ... This ain't it .
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San Juan

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