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The Audrey at Belltown



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
I lived here for a year and couldn't wait for the end of my lease. Staff was so rude, snotty, stupid, and they ripped me off by so much. I was from out of town, I have good income and excellent credit so they scammed me in a terrible shameful way. It appears the staff might not be the same as when I was there (2002-2003) but it is a BRE Property so it is badly managed. Even the upper crust management, the b**** who is in charge but you never see, was a horrendous person who tried to raise my rent even more when my lease was finally at its end. They also kept all of my deposit and charged me outrageous fees ($1250). I didn't have the time to take them to court but I should have. I hated living here. It was horrible. Not one nice person. Not one nice neighbor. People don't even say Hi in the elevator and look at you like you're a freak if you are crazy enough to say hello to them. The only nice person working there was a cleaning woman who was so traumatized by staff that they fired the poor thing. I wouldn't be surprised someone committed suicide there because the place is sad, depressing, dangerous, over-priced, scary, and I had thoughts of suicide myself when I lived there (didn't before and haven't ever since I moved out). It is a bad place to live. The rooms aren't even rooms, but triangles you cannot fit a bed in or anything else. If you can afford the prices they charge then you can afford to live in a very nice place far away from here (try Ballard, Fremont, Wallingford, Ravenna, Sandpoint). If you are a spiritual person and a nice person : do not live here! It is DREADFUL!
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The Audrey at Belltown

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