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The Bay Ridge Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Dissolutioned • Resident 2003 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2006
For Being just off of Downtown on First Hill the Units seem like a bargain for $780 to $890 in relation to their size but beware of the Surrounding area (Also Rents are Going up!!!!) - Being at 8th and James, it is near Harborview Hospital - Ambulances speed up and down with sirens blaring at all hours of the day and night, 7 days a week. Being a block away from the freeway there is a constant hum of cars passing. There is a work release center across the street at Bishop Lewis House. Across the street at James is Jefferson Terrace - Seattle Housing Authority Low Income Apartments. The Beautiful 100 year old Gothic Episcopal Church across the street is nice, but also a major food bank location for the Seattle Area. Not to Malign the entire homeless or people down on their luck, but it is a freak show - with people passed out on the apartment lawn and Courtyard, Crazies ranting up and down the street and people feeding the pigeons massive quantities of bread.....<br> Speaking of Pigeons, that is just the beginning of the pest problem here. Several other tenants have complained about mice - though I have never had that problem with my unit - With the Amount of food spread out for the pigeons - mice are probably feasting as well. But the Biggest Problem is behind the Building is RATS - Yes Rats... there are black berry bushes and ivy behind the building and Rats thrive there - I have seen dozens in and around the dumpsters. I do not take my trash out there anymore - I dump it down the street. Also the building has no recycling which is a mystery since it is like required in Seattle - How they get around that is unknown, but annoying nevertheless (probably because of the Rats as well)<br> In the Near Future, the block on the North Side (Cherry Street)of the Building is going to be a major Construction Site, a 22 Story Tower Retirement Home that will take like 2-3 years to build. The Construction is to begin in early '07. That will add to the Noise in the area, which is high to begin with.<br> The Building itself is a boxy concrete structure built in 1950 - it looks like a Soviet Apartment Complex..... It was remodeled in 200 but most of the improvements are cosmetic. You would think being a concrete structure it would be sound proof but you can hear your neighbors above and next to you. The Grounds are actually nice and if you have a car there is parking available in the back, which is rare on First Hill. The Units are Large and have new insulated Windows. All the Utilities are Included But the Radiant Steam Heat you really can't control in the Winter. It is near Downtown but it is not very close to anything and is very isolated from both Downtown and Capitol Hill - You Can Do Better than this Place
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The Bay Ridge Court Apartments

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