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The Bay Ridge Court Apartments



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Walter206 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
When I moved here I was surprised at how clean the building was. And so convenient to downtown, too! <br><br>I was a little nervous about moving here, but the obvious cleanliness convinced me it would be fine. I must have looked at it on a good day, because it has been downhill ever since. <br><br>RATS? Yes! Especially in the parking lot behind the building around the dumpsters. Raccoons sometimes compete with the rats.<br><br>ROACHES? Sometimes. Hardly surprising.<br><br>RECYCLING? Not since Earth Day '06, when the bins were removed due to frequent contamination. Whether they were removed due to tenants' carelessness or constant foraging by local homeless population and/or wildlife (see a preceding paragraph) is open to debate. Making the garbage/recycling area accessible only to tenants might have been a nice alternative to removing the bins.<br><br>SAFETY? Be aware of your surroundings when coming and going. The local disadvantaged persons (patients from Harborview Medical Center around the corner, patrons of the food pantry and thrift store across the street, inmates at the work release program across the other street) are generally harmless but sometimes disturbed and usually disturbing. <br><br>STUDENTS? You bet. Great when you need to score some drugs! Also great when your stereo is broken, since they play music loud enough to be heard through concrete floors and walls.<br><br>PETS? Sure smells like it. Or is that the smell of meth cooking? Probably a little of both. <br><br>CONVENIENCE? There's a scary convenience store up the street on James, but it takes some effort to get to a real grocery store. Fortunately there are buses (filled with local fauna) in abundance. Crowded, but frequent.<br><br>LAUNDRY ON SITE? Sort of. If you can get a washing machine that works, the capacity is half of a regular home machine. $2.25 to wash and dry a half-load? What a bargain!<br><br>CHEAP RENT? Not nearly cheap enough. <br><br>BUILDING MANAGER? Missing in action for a year or more.<br><br>HEALTH CARE? Apparently, judging by the constant sirens. Harborview is right around the corner if you have a serious gunshot wound.<br><br>MOVE HERE? You have to ask?
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The Bay Ridge Court Apartments

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