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The Kelsey



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Resident 2010 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 05/24/2011
Management will take around a week to get anything done after constant phone calls. They will rarely answer the phone and it usually will take them anywhere from a day to a week before you get a call back (expect the longer). Management is very slow at getting information to you, when they say that they will drop off a document the next day they usually wont. Overall the management does not work in a timely manner and it is not uncommon for them to forget about getting back to you all together. However, when you do not have to deal with management (luckily you do not have to deal with them very often), the Kelsey is a good place to live. The parking is difficult for the first week or so because of the tight spaces and small room to maneuver a car. Appliances in the apartments work well, but are not the best quality. The laundry facilities are not very good. They are downstairs and the notification lights on each floor usually do not work. Dryers usually take two cycles to fully dry your clothing and washers break down from time to time and take around a month to get fixed on average. Most of the down sided to this apartment are things that you do not have to deal with very frequently. This apartment is a very good college apartment and satisfies the needs for the majority of college students.
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The Kelsey

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