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The Kelsey



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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
I thought living here was bad enough when I have neighbors pound around upstairs, neighbors below shaking my floor with some loud video games, a tight parking spot, and the lovely view of other people in their apartments (or last year, the med center accompanied by the LOUD clinking of glass pouring out into the recycling truck on Wednesdays). However, when Kelsey apartments decided to use the cheapest and ugliest paint with the most FUMES I'd just about had it. <br><br>So today, I wake up and I open my door to my room and I am blasted with the smell of paint fumes IN my apartment! They didn't even TELL US they were going to paint the place. I think if you're going to paint the halls inside of this apartment you should use paint with less fumes and find a way to ventalate it! I'm scared to go into the living room/kitchen area, let alone OUTSIDE my own apartment door, but I can almost guarantee that the ONE window near the elevator isn't even open. I seriously think I'll pass out if I go outside right now. At least rent a big fan to blow it out the ONE window!! I think the recent turn over to new management was to a bunch of morons. DON'T COME HERE!!!!
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The Kelsey

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