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The Kelsey



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I'll save you a bunch of reading now - don't live in the Kelsey. Pros: thick walls meant that we generally heard very little of our neighbors, good location in the U district (near I5 and the Ave, though still a sketchy neighborhood), and underground parking garage saves you the trouble of street parking (though it costs a fortune for a spot) Cons: The management staff was slow to respond and generally incompetent, but the owners are the true sleazebags here. They are cheap and they do not care about their tenants. After we pointed out how we signed a lease that said we would go month-to-month after the first year, they simply said "sign up for another year or get out." While we could have wasted money hiring lawyers, we were college students, we couldn't afford that. Washing machines, elevators, door locks, handrails in the stairwells, etc. are fixed VERY slowly if ever. I lived in the Kelsey for 2 years, and the entire time there was a display on our floor that was SUPPOSED to show which washers/dryers were in use. Never worked. Once. The large hedges in the front of the Kelsey provide privacy but more importantly provide obnoxious hedge trimmers/leaf blowers at 8AM way too often. Our parking garage was broken into several times. Every time, our garage door would have to be reprogrammed so that the burglar couldn't open the garage door with the opener they stole. Reasonable. Except this meant that every 2 weeks or so, I would get home and my garage door opener wouldn't work. I'd have to park my car, run inside the building, open the garage door, turn on my car, and drive in. Eventually, I realized that our lazy management was only altering 1 of 10 possible switches on the garage door opener. It would take me about 30 seconds at most to "guess" the new garage door code. No wonder people keep breaking in, it's so easy! The Kelsey was relatively expensive for a college-student budget in the U district. My friends got MUCH MUCH MUCH more space for $100 less a month. Each. In a three bedroom apartment. I can't remember the name of their apartment complex, but I believe it was on 12th. And the sleazy owners raise the price every year, because they know that there is always enough demand. They literally said that to me. The fact that this apartment complex is all college students means you get all the noise and terrible smells that come with them. People who lived in this complex could not cook, or cooked something rotten, and then DRAGGED their DRIPPING GARBAGE BAGS through the floors, on to the elevator, and into the garage. The garage permanently stinks of death. I hold my breath when I'm in there. Do not live in this place. It is awful.
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The Kelsey

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