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The Kelsey



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
1. Lease is full of one-sided clauses. Trust me, their languages are so clear about "we own your asses" and "you don't have anything to do against us." 2. Things are old and easy-to-break. When we moved-in, the window blind-slats are shakable but still attached. Literally in one month, a lot of them falls apart. And yes, you will need to pay for them when you move-out, with the security deposit money. 3. When check-in, bathrooms are incredibly dirty, and they expect them to be super shiny when you move-out. Otherwise they charged you money from security deposit. 4. The closets in the kitchen is unbelievably dirty. You basically cannot use them without cleaning them several times and putting cling films or plastic papers on the bottom. 5. Elevator is usually stained with trash fluid which so stinks. Same situation when they put all the trash in the garage - which by the way charges $85 per month! 6. Very expensive considering the kind of place you get. And that's without talking about the separate water/gas/sewer/trash fees and electricity bills. 7. Unbelievable laundry - $1.5 for laundry, and $1.5 for the dryer. Often, one or two machines don't work, and you shouldn't bother either calling the washing machine's company or management, because they won't give a **** about what happened to you. Sometimes, it says your card has a "bad read", and you have to swipe it a couple of times. A couple of days later you check your back account activities, you ended up getting charged like $10 for one-time laundry. And again - don't bother calling anyone, no one will give your money back. 8. Constantly have things stolen - either the mails / packages, or even the laundry. 9. Occasionally, strange people goy into the building and claimed them to be "new neighbor", who just so happened to need "4 more extra dollars for the parking". Either give away your cash, or make a smart excuse to make them go away - or simpler, don't open doors for them at the first place. 10. Management staff are absolute imbeciles. Especially the blonde, who is so arrogant and somehow dumb. The only problem she can solve for you, is that you owe them some money and you need to pay it. Otherwise they will neither answer your calls nor answer you questions even if you show up at their office in pacific sunrise. 11. Light bulbs / hot water goes off? You are on your own. 12. Yes, they require you to use your money to buy brand new drip pans for the kitchen when you move out. And if they find a slightest piece of paper left in your apartment? $25 for the "1 bag of trash removal fee". You basically moved-into a slum and need to return them a palace. You failed to do so? They will charge your security deposit money and make that happen. One last thing. And it's important, I'll say it three times in capital letters: KELSEY SUCKS KELSEY SUCKS KELSEY SUCKS
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The Kelsey

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