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The Overlook at Westridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/19/2010
I loved my apartment, would have stayed but the price was a little too high for my budget after a year. The apartment itself was great, no problems other than the disposal backing up a few times causing mold and mildew in the carpet and kitchen area. They said they would replace it after we moved since it happened a couple of months before we planned on moving, none of that bothered me. What bothered me was the fact that when we moved out they charged us an arm and a leg after they did a "black light test" for animal stains, a test they did not do when we moved it. On top of that the carpet was 3 years old before we moved in. I can swear on everything that if my cats used the carpet for a litter box, I would not own them anymore. I have great cats who knew exactly where the litter box was in our home. I have been fighting with the manager, who has caller ID and doesn t answer if they know the number calling. It took my boyfriend calling from another number for them to answer, only to realize it was him and they had heard all of my messages so they didn t even have to ask him name to know what was going on. If I don t pay them in the next couple of days, they are going to send us to collections, after we paid over 15k last year in rent. We referred friends here, we were great tenets and yet because they are so cooperate they have to treat good people like they are dirt. It s a shame because I enjoyed it up until we moved out.
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The Overlook at Westridge

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