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The Overlook at Westridge



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Office Staff
bevherly • Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/22/2016
When I first moved in here it really felt like home. The maintenance guy and the apartment managers were very nice and helpful. The problems are noise, smoking and parking. The rent used to be cheap enough that you could overlook these situations. Hence, The Overlook. There is quite a bit of noise, more than you would usually hear in apartment style living. I believe they need to upgrade the flooring because it is there worse that I have ever heard compared to other apartments. If you don't smoke then this place won't be right for you because the balconies, where most people smoke, is usually next to your master bedroom and your balcony. During the summer months when you keep your windows open the smoke goes straight into your apartment. For me this was a HUGE issue because my baby slept in my room and was getting a lot of the 2nd hand smoke. I was basically a prisoner in my own home because of the smoking. The parking was a pain if you didn't pay for a parking space. Everything was fine and dandy until I had to move. I had went to the office manager, the one at that time, and told her I am getting really anxious about summer and the 2nd hand smoke that I had to deal with last year and she was willing to work with me in cancelling my lease and finding a new renter. I would have to pay prorated rent until they find a renter. I found a home and went to talk to the manager and find out there is a new sheriff. I give her the run down and she said I have to pay the cancellation fee of 4k. I tell her about what the old manager said and she says she will honor what she said. Moving took longer than I expected and I decide to ask for 1 extra day, since I had to pay until someone rents it out which they had someone scheduled 12 days later. I talk to the new manager and she starts to freak out and tells me this is why I will never do this again. If you need extra days then why don't you pay until your entire lease. I tell her, look I am not trying to fight with you I am simply asking if I can have 1 extra day since I am paying till the 12th anyways. It is a reasonable request. She says this messes everything they are doing. I ask how long it takes to turn over an apartment, she replies 3 or 4 days. I say great I am still leaving you a whole week and I am paying for the time of turning over the apartment. She tells me they have the painter coming tomorrow and they can't reschedule (later I found out this was a lie and painting is done after cleaning). She says she will never let anyone out of a lease again and this is just a Pain to deal with because everyone wants their way. I said never mind I will find a way to get out by tomorrow. She told me I had to caulk the holes if there are more than 10 holes so we did that too. We lightly cleaned the place which we were told to not go crazy cleaning. So I moved until 3am that night and I had to work the next day at 6:30am so I had got a total of 1.5 hours of sleep just to get out of the apartment. After moving, I find out the people decided to move in on the 15th instead of the 12th which is fine because I broke my lease and that is the rules. But she could of gave that 1 extra day. I believe this new manager needs to work on her professionalism and customer service. These are people's homes and whether you're renting or moving it is stressful. Be polite and have some sympathy. No one wants to make these situations harder than they already are. I would have never had this review if it wasn't for her. It is unfortunate that it ended the way it did. There was no reason it had to end like that, it only happened because I was unlucky to deal with this new manager. The old manager would have never treated me in this manner. After dealing with the smoke, parking and noise I really did like living here. I got used to the noise and adjusted to the parking situation. But there is nothing worse than dealing with an overzealous manager who cares only about getting paid and not peoples livelihood. Thank you Trina and Jennifer!! Thank you for being understanding and helpful.
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The Overlook at Westridge

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