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The Overlook at Westridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/01/2016
This is my second time here at Overlook. I already reviewed the first before so this will focus on my second. Rental costs here are way too high thanks to the community being one of those "we'll charge what other people are charging" without any obvious regard to what a renter would be paying for. The appliances here are a joke, especially the washer and dryer. The lighting fixtures are horrid. The kitchen/entry way floor is made of this cheaply made slate and is sharp on corners, unevenly cut and a PITA to clean. They did these renovations 10 years ago and its clear they cut corners but, wanted an outward appearance of high end to jack up the cost of rent almost $400. The noise inside the units are bad. Its tolerable if you happen to have generally quiet neighbors. This is to be expected though of old apartments from the 80s. Parking....OMG. Parking here is a nightmare if you don't pay for covered parking. Their "parking garages" are a joke...so damned tiny. Someone else mentioned if you come home after 6ish PM, you're pretty much SOL on parking. MGMT knows what needs to be done but, was openly told they don't want to deal with it. The maintenance staff is nice. I really liked the old MGR, Jennifer. The new one is funny and the assistant MGR, Trina is a blast. I had an issue with the old maintenance person here but, they got other ones now and they're great. Overall, if this apartment community wasn't so over priced, it would't be so bad here. However, my second stint here at Overlook and I've been here for 1.5 years and the market cost of rent has already gone up $200. That's insane and BS. This place isn't worth the cost unless you have money to burn and don't care. I might have to do one more renewal since I probably couldn't afford moving costs at the time anyway.
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The Overlook at Westridge

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