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The Overlook at Westridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2018
We used to live at the Overlook at Westridge Apartments for almost 2 years. Unfortunately, we are very disappointed with the management and the place. Here are the reasons: 1) We kept the studio very neat and clean. I was at home during the moving out inspection tour, and the maintenance engineer said he was absolutely satisfied with the apartment condition. Also, we cleaned the studio thoroughly just before moving out. However, when we received the move out letter, we found that they charged us for some 'Damage' as well as for 'Standard Cleaning'. The letter did not provide any details, however the sum of all those charges was magically equal to our security deposit. We were really puzzled with it. We are absolutely sure we did not leave any damages and our apartment was really clean. We sent the email asking the management for some explanations about those damages and the amount of cleaning works. We never received any answer. 2) This winter construction works started just in front of our building. These produced really much noise. Even if you are at work during the day, this construction is still a huge problem because they work on Saturdays and in April and May they worked even on Sundays. I don't even mention that the view from the window is blocked and as the result the apartment is even darker. Also, when proposing to sign the leasing agreement again, the management didn't take into consideration this discomfort. 3) The studio apartment is very dark. The windows in the building are tiny and we used electricity almost all day long. 4) They say, they have a gym. And they do have a gym. However, the gym is opened during the office hours only, so if you work 9 to 5, you have no chances to get there. 5) The location and the apartments are nothing special. Nothing interesting in the neighborhood, and the nearest grocery is 10 minutes to drive. The quality to price ratio is very disappointing. 6) Several more facts about the management. They are extremely incompetent. If you want to find out if you need to sign any papers before moving out or if you want to get some explanations regarding your security deposit, they either have no idea or just ignore you. In fact, they don't demonstrate any respect. Don't live there, guys. A total waste of money.
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The Overlook at Westridge

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