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The Overlook at Westridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2013
I HATE THIS PLACE!! I lived at the overlook for 3 years in all. First of all, although it looks nice,the apartment was built VERY cheaply, and you can hear someone breathing in the other room. Parking situation was horrible! If you got home after 6pm you pretty much are SOL when it comes to parking. But that is not why I hate this place. Upon move out, i was told by the manager to not worry about cleaning, that they hire a perfetional cleaners. 2 weeks later, i get a bill in the mail from them for over 2,000 dollars!! Because I didnt take the proper precautions like, taking pictures or doing the walk threw with them, I set up a payment plan to pay them 200 every month. Well last week I got a letter in the mail saying that I did not follow protocal and that they sent my account to collections. WHAT??? I made my first payment in december and was just about to pay for january and they say im pass due?? I tried calling the offices every day for a week, leaving messages saying to call me back. Finally i decided to go down to the office and talk to them myself. What do I get? NOTHING! Turns out, they got my messages and just decided to not to call me back. --- was absolutley rude to me, and told me she wouldnt talk to me about it. Well let me just say this. I lived in these apartments for 3 years and NEVER gave them trouble. I was a great tenate who payed my overpriced rent ontime every month, I didnt get any complaints, and this is how you treat me??? So please, learn from my mistakes! Do not move into this place. The rent is WAYY over priced, ( I am now living in a 3 bedroom house for less than what i was paying at the overlook), the neighborhood is schetchy, all the "amenities" are a JOKE, and they treat you like ----.
The Overlook at Westridge Manager12/23/2014

Hello, I am terribly sorry that your move out experience was not to your expectation. We greatly appreciate your feedback and take all of our reviews very seriously. Any charges that are incurred after move out can be due to past due rent and utilities, cleaning or damages to the apartment including carpet stains and tears. We use a very competitive local company for cleaning and carpet charges. Cleaning charges on average around approximate $110. Our buildings are wood frame construction and built in the 1986 and have since been renovated with beautiful stainless steel appliances, new cabinets and counters! We hope for all of our residents to live comfortably in our community and with their neighbors. All payment plans are a contract, and if any part of the contract is not adhered to, then the account can be turned over to collections. All of our prices are based on market data and research. Private house rental rates are based on individual circumstances. Just as mortgage payments are based on multiple criteria including credit and down payments. We believe our product to be very competitive with our location, amenities, customer service, and community.

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The Overlook at Westridge

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