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bowtotherobots • Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/26/2012
Having just moved out of The Q in Queen Anne, I feel comfortable enough now to give a fair review without fear of reprisal. More on that later. I lived at The Q for several years and watched the building go from being a comfortable place with respectful neighbors and a very caring management staff who even knew your pets by name, to one that is filled with noisy college kids who think nothing of throwing a bash that lasts well into the early morning hours with a management staff who could not only care less, but are, by-and-large, barely competent. The new management company (AMC LLC of Midvale, Utah) is one of the worst I ve ever dealt with. They are slow to respond to tenant concerns and maintenance requests, and have demonstrated little concern or competence when it comes to building security. Oh, and they are liars. The Pros Location: It s hard to find a better location in Seattle than Upper Queen Anne. If you want a relatively-safe urban location with a decidedly neighborhood feel, Queen Anne is for you. The Q is located right at the top of Queen Anne Ave and the views are absolutely stunning. Apparently The Q is the only building in Queen Anne with a rooftop deck a nice bonus, especially during Summer when the sky is clear and you can see three mountain ranges, Mt. Rainier, and West Seattle, all framed by the iconic Space Needle and beautiful Elliott Bay. There is a grill up there too, so you can enjoy a nice BBQ while taking in the sights and watching the ferries traverse the bay between the city and Bainbridge Island. Queen Anne itself is a very gentrified neighborhood boasting some of the city s best restaurants though if you re looking for cheap eats and dive bars, you ll have some hiking to do. Several major bus lines stop right in front of the building so getting where you need to go is pretty easy. The Building: This structure was built in the 50s back when they just made things better. The walls are thick, and the building has some character to it that you don t find with all the new prefab that s sprouting up all over Seattle. The units themselves are pretty spacious, and mostly updated. The lobby is nicely appointed and the maintenance staff does a good job at keeping hallways clean, landscaping maintained, etc.. Despite its postwar Soviet Bloc fa ade, I think it s a very attractive building. The Cons Kitchen: If you like to cook, you re in for a big disappointment. Though the kitchens are modern they are very small and offer no workspace at all, and the lighting is dismal. Also, there is no venting above the stove. And the stove is one of those instant on GE ranges that never seems to heat evenly. There is a dishwasher, which is convenient, but NO DISPOSAL which makes dealing with food scraps a pain. Why you would install a dishwasher without a disposal is beyond me. Internet: Old cabling in the building is bad enough, but our unit only has ONE cable outlet and the building will not authorize the cable company to run any additional lines so if you are relying on cable internet, you ll be stuck running wireless if you want internet somewhere other than the living room. Our service is very unreliable and Comcast blames the old cabling in the building. Be advised. The Elevator: The building only has ONE elevator, and it is frequently out-of-order. When it does work, it is painfully slow. The end of the month is always a hassle because people are moving in and out and they will usually block the doors open so they can move their stuff understandable, but in a building with ONE elevator, kind of a pain. Security: There were several thefts in the building over the years I lived there. In one case, somebody actually managed to pry the rent box off the wall and stole all the rent checks along with some computers from the office who knows what personal data was compromised? At one point, the lower parking garage door was broken and it remained that way for several months while the managers were awaiting approval from corporate to get it fixed. During this time, I came home several times late at night to find not only the garage door wide open, but the inner door propped as well meaning anyone could have just wandered in off the street and entered the building. Also, the back door to the building was often left open by building maintenance staff and some tenants. A group of tenants and I were very concerned by this and we went to management who told us there was nothing they could do about it. We told them they could fix the lock on the door and require their staff to always lock it when they were finished with their outdoor tasks to no avail. Mind you, this was *after* the office was burglarized. There are a few security cameras but as far as I know they are not connected to anything. The Seattle Police informed me that though Queen Anne has a very low violent crime rate, it has one of the *highest* property crime rates in the city. Management s lackadaisical attitude toward security is completely unacceptable and played a large part in my decision to move out. Utilities: Utilities are billed by an outside firm and not only do you pay a $4.00 service fee every month to this firm, the method used to calculate your bill is ridiculous you are billed PER OCCUPANT, rather than PER UNIT. The building has no means to meter individual unit energy consumption so they simply take the bills and divide them up by number of tenants in the building. Seems reasonable, right? Well, not really. This method presumes that, for example, during the cold months, two people in a unit will use twice as much heat as a single person. As it is very likely that most people leave their heat on 24/7, this is asinine. You could have TEN people in one apartment and they would use JUST AS MUCH heat as ONE PERSON. Certainly, more occupants will use more water, and generate more trash, but the biggest part of the bill is for gas and the way they do it is simply ridiculous. Water Pressure: Good luck if you actually want to wash any dishes by hand. Hot water in particular has very low pressure. Shower OK, but plan to spend a few extra minutes rinsing that shampoo out of your hair. Recycling: If you like to recycle and of course you do, you live in Seattle they could not have made it less convenient. The recycling bins are all in the basement level parking garage which means if you lived on the 5th floor like I did, you could carry your cans and bottles down six flights of stairs, or if you were lucky enough to catch the elevator when it was actually working, you could ride the single elevator with all your stinky recycling. Once you arrive at the basement level, you ll have to drop everything to open the heavy fire door which will slam shut immediately behind you DON T FORGET YOUR KEYS or you ll not be getting back into the building. Each floor has its own trash closet which is emptied regularly by maintenance I don t know why they could put recycling in there as well. But remember earlier when I said the managers are liars? Well, here s what I meant: We discovered early in the winter that our heat was not working. We submitted a work order and they sent a maintenance guy up there. Well it turned out he didn t fix it properly and we were without heat for 91 days. Yet we were still being charged. I brought this to the building manager s attention and she told me Oh, sorry. Don t pay the bill until you hear from me. Great. I thought. So we stopped paying the heat portion of our bill as instructed for the next 90 days and then still not having heard anything from the manager, we simply resumed paying the full bill. I assumed this was the end of it and this is how they had prorated it for us. Not very professional, but whatever. Well, about four month later, I get an email FROM THIS SAME MANAGER informing me that we had a balance due of $184 and could we please pay it by such-and-such date to avoid late fees. WHAT???? So I went and talked to her and sh basically denied that she ever told me not to pay the bill. I went to the district manager and was told the same thing except the district manager does not take phone calls only email and she doesn t bother to reply to those emails until you go all the way to the vice president of the company in Salt Lake City. So by the time I got to the VP, he had of course been filled in by the liar at the front desk who also likely clued in the district manager and this guy at first asked me if I had anything in writing stating that I was instructed not to pay the bill. So, basically he was saying that his staff are liars and it was my fault because I didn t get it in writing. Well, of course I didn t have anything in writing I assumed he would be happy to hear that his customers trusted his employees and felt they could take them at their word. Well, it all culminated in this clown threatening to evict us if I didn t pay the bill in ten days. So we paid the ------- bill. They got their ------- money. They are ------- liars. I wouldn t move into a AMC LLC managed building if it was free to live there, made of gold, came with your own gourmet chef, and $100 bills blew out of the kitchen vents every morning. You have been warned.
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