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Vermont Inn Apartments



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Office Staff
Leasemealone • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2007
Sure, its a bit small, but every bit as cozy. Its fully furnished, clean and pretty quiet. Good insulation.<br><br>The 24 hour staff is very friendly and helpful. <br><br>It is double keyed entry. First to get in the building, then into your unit.<br><br>I lived there for 6 months, an would rent there again if I still lived in Seattle. <br><br>Its a great bargain! Cheap rent, all utilities, great roof access, and view. There is a 7-11 across the street (a rare find downtown) and just a block away from the world famous space needle, the Imax theater, EMP, The Science Museum. <br><br>Its located in downtown Seattle, and close to many recreational places.<br><br>As with living in any city, parking is a real issue. I got ride of my car when I moved there and walked everywhere. Being everything is so close, I hardly noticed a need for a car.<br><br>There is free parking up on Taylor St, but if you leave it there parked for more than 3 days the cops will leave you with a nice little ticket. Just so you know ;)<br><br>Also, their internet package is limited to certain things, but its very convenient and no hassle. They turn it on in 24 hours, hook up and all.<br><br>I have recommended this place to my friends.
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Vermont Inn Apartments

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