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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/23/2005
The apts here are great and the buildings are new but for the money...yikes! They have or should I say HAD 3 buildings here at Welch Plaza. WE moved into building "A" about a year and half ago but 3months into the lease and after they had basically rented all the apts in the building they decided to make the apts into condos. They say they didn't know this at the time we rented our apt but come on it takes some time to do all that. Then they call it secure garage parking, how secure is it when the garage doors are open from 8 - 6pm for anyone to walk into and break into the "secure" cars. Plus you have to pay $45 for that "secure" parking. The only way I was able to afford this place is the fact that they WERE giving concessions, $250 off and $100 if you make under $40,000. Now that my lease is up their offer is the first 6mo of a 12mo lease we will get the same concessions but after that our apt goes up to "market rate" of almost $1500 for a 2 bedroom. The apt is not worth that much especially with the "alcoholics anonymous" club accross the street. There have been numerous fights and shootings in 2-3 blocks surrounding the building. There have been at least 2 episodes that were witnessed by residents here and people at the "club" where women have been beaten and dragged by cars. The people at this AA club are more then shady and they are loud. When they have parties there, it is almost as if they are right there in your living room it is soooo loud.<br>Basically because it seems that Lorig management is money hungry I will be moving for the 3rd time in 18mo...but this time I will be moving out
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