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Waterfall Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2007
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Office Staff
The owners are among the sneakiest, cheapest, most ill-mannered people you will ever meet. The wife is a loud, rude, high-strung -----. The husband seems polite but is just as obnoxious as she is when you do business with him. I agree with everyone else about them unlawfully entering your apartment, changing the lease, overcharging for everything (after I moved out of my apartment the next tenant was charged for something I'd already been charged for), blaming you when things break down, not keeping the building safe by fixing exterior doors, not making sure the easy access from the ground floor store stays locked, etc. Many of the apartments leak. The windows are poorly insulated so they're cold all winter unless you crank up (and pay for) more heat than you should need. And the old wall radiators are not meant for heating tall apartments like this. Most units don't have window coverings so privacy is an issue as well as heat loss. Want sex? Join in! The walls are paper thin and the wood floors have no insulation between apartments, so everyone above, below and next to your apartment can hear. Do Stair Master at the gym? You'll need it because the elevator breaks down regularly. Does the resident above you wear shoes indoors? Unless you can persuade them to walk barefoot you'll hear every step they take. Do your neighbors like music? Hope you share their taste. Like firetrucks? Great, because you'll hear every siren from across the street. Got small furniture? Good, because the elevator's too small to move anything much larger than a loveseat. I know several people who moved in on days the elevator was out of service, even though it had been broken a day or two earlier yet the owners didn't get it fixed and never warned the new tenants before their rental trucks arrived. Love the sweet smell of urine in the morning? Hope so, because street people use the wall next to the back door as a nighttime urinal. Like lawyers? Good, because you'll probably want one.
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Waterfall Apartments

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