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Waterfall Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2008
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Office Staff
I have lived in a lot of apartments and have dealt with a ton of landlords and Pauline of Waterfall apartments is by far the WORSE landlord I have ever had to deal with. Be aware that they have changed the name of the place from Waterfall Apartments to "NW Lofts" due to having such a bad reputation! If you were like me and didn't find out until you had already moved in, beware the following. - Landlord is psycho crazy and lies about EVERYTHING. - Hope you enjoyed giving her your deposit, because you will never see it again, no matter how nice and clean you leave your place. My g/f and me spent 3 days cleaning before we moved out (keep in mind the apartment was never cleaned when we moved in), we went over the apartment with a fine tooth comb to ensure we would get most of our deposit back, notta. - Don't bother trying to get anything fixed, they don't respond to calls for repairs, but don't worry they will charge you for it when you move out (even though you called a number of times a year before trying to get whatever fixed). - Enjoy having your apartment entered with no notification and for no other reason than she enjoys looking through your stuff. I set up a webcam to go off with motion and I caught her looking around my apartment no less than four times. She never took anything but did rumage around through my drawers, papers and closets. - Enjoy HUGE increases in rent every year, the final straw for us was she tried to raise our rent $400 a month! - Have fun with her add fees to everything, I locked myself out of my apartment one time, no problem, I only had to wait about four hours for someone to come let me in and it only cost me $150. - Paid your rent on time? You thought you did, but she had other plans! If you pay after the 3rd (every place I have ever lived gives you until the 5th), you get a $100 late fee! Even if you dropped your check in the rent drop box days ahead of time, she will lie and claim you were late. This happened to me three times in the last year, she will flat out lie to your face and charge you the $100, nothing you can do about it. I would not wish this landlord on my worse enemy, sadly if you already live here, you just have to grin and bare it knowing that whenever you leave you are going to get ripped off for EVERYTHING.
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Waterfall Apartments

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