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West Ridge Park Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2013
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Office Staff
I lived in the 2/1.5 townhouse with a garage for 2 1/2 years. I would NOT recommend living here. The pool is disgusting, people are always jumping the fence, in there late at night. No security patrol to be found. Someone crapped in the pool so that's the last time I went near that--and there are HUGE RATS that come out to get in the trash when it's quiet! After paying rent on time for all that time they sent me a bill for everything they could after I moved out. The place was spotless when I moved out! The carpet was well past replacement date and the appliances are very old. Now they won't provide proof of the age of the carpet but want to charge me for cleaning when I KNOW they replaced the carpet because it was old and matted when I moved in. When I moved in I complained and they said I would be paying less if I took the apartment as is. After 1 1/2 years I asked to transfer to another apartment and I was told I would not be charged anything, and that residents who lived in an apartment over 2 years weren't charged for carpet cleaning at all. I did not move because the cost to move was more than to stay. Now they bill me for over $600! The lease said $130 carpet cleaning and a cleaning fee on move out--that's IT. My place in on the highest ground, and water backs up, sometimes reaches my back door. Tons of spiders all the time and RATS-big ones. I have a cat, but neighbors told me they had bugs, rats and mice. The lower areas are always very wet, except for a little time in summer. This is built on wet lands and it is NEVER dry. With a dog my carpet gets very dirty. The dog park is disgusting. It's too muddy to walk through the trench mostly to pick up after your dog. I didn't ever use it anymore because I had to hose my dog off every time and my shoes were ruined. It wasn't just mud, this STINKS. For the neighborhood this seems a very safe place, but it's not a good neighborhood. It backs up to crack houses on all sides and lots of drug and gang activity in this neighborhood. I have had to walk my dog late but the supposed security patrol comes by around 10pm to turn off lights in the gym, SOMETIMES. That's all they do if they do that--it's a joke. The place is not well lit at night. People cut through a lot, I've been harassed by drunk people. There are unmarked delivery trucks that come by around 2am. There is a lot of turnover of residents since I've been here because they raise the rent every time you sign a new lease and everyone is always unhappy when they leave. My rent has gone up $200 per month in 2 1/2 years. The SCAM of this place is to get you out after a year so they can rent it for more. The office staff are completely new and the new people are total jerks. I have only asked to have outside light bulbs replaced and it took a couple of weeks! Then the light would burn out after a few weeks! A lot of people don't pick up after their dogs so you can't walk through any grass or else. Some just let dogs wander, even pit bulls. There was one dog attacked by an off leash dog and had to go to the vet. I've had to deal with dogs off leash attacking my dog and then laughing about it, and my son was there too. When I complained the office never called me back or did anything about it. They won't enforce anything, but God forbid you forget to pay rent--you get an eviction notice to evict you immediately! There are so many other nice places to live. Don't waste your time.
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West Ridge Park Apartments

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