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West Ridge Park Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I lived at these apartment for 4 years and they went through 3 different property management companies. But that was fine because they kept the same office staff. Until December 2012, when they decided to revamp the office staff. They brought in ---------------, and I must say that Janelle is the worse person to ever get a job. I don't understand how she got a job with her rude attitude and her unprofessionalism. We always paid our rent online and in December we received a notice on our door stating that we need to pay our rent or vacate, mind you we lived there for 4 years so why now would we start not paying. We were out of town and so we call them and Janelle says " You need to pay your rent or else you will be evicted." We had never heard of this lady and was kind of put off by her rudeness. So I asked her what she was talking about and she says that there computer system went down and everybody who paid there rent online showed that they didn't' pay. So, I sent her the confirmation page that prints out after you pay. I never heard back from her, so I call and she says " Yes, we got it." Very rude...Next month we pay our rent again online, then February we do it again. We get a notice on our door on February 6th saying that we needed to pay our rent for January. I call and again I speak to Janelle she says that she never received our payment and that there system went down again and they never received it. I send her the confirmation page and a bank statement showing that the rent money was taken from my account so she needed to figure out why they never received it. Long story short, I ended up having to pay rent twice for there incompetence and file a claim with my bank to retrieve the money. After all of the rent money issues it just seemed like there was one problem after another. The window handle broke and they have yet to come and fix it. We have been asking for the past 4 months. Bottom line I would never ever recommend anyone to move there. THEY ARE THE WORST!!! And count on every month at least once a month you not being able to use the bathroom, take a shower, wash dishes, because without fail the water is always cut off. And not just your apartment but the whole complex.
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West Ridge Park Apartments

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