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Westhaven Apartments

2201 Southwest Holden Street

Seattle, WA 98106



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
I have lived here since last fall. I was moving from Alaska and a friend went to several apartment and condo rentals for me. My requirements were small: NOT in an all white neighborhood, bus route nearby, grocery stores within a bike ride, and reasonable price for Seattle. After she gave me three choices I reviewed them online and spoke with each office manager. I chose Westhaven because of the flexibility about my moving in sight unseen, the ease of using the online site to apply, pay my bills, request maintenance and drop a note to the office. Any maint request I have made has been completed quickly. The request about standing water behind my apartment was met with a very transparent discussion of the capital repairs and improvements, including replacing the drainage system. The office staff has been very nice to me and has always responded quickly to any communication. I have witnessed some outrageous behavior on the part of other residents - yelling or carrying on in the office. Kara and Emilia have always been professional but firm in those situations, way after I would have ordered the person out. But that is why I don't work in customer service. The price is ok, expensive if I lived anywhere else in the country. I would like to be able to have a resident on-line bulletin board so we could share garden tools or offer move-out, "come get this" postings. I have seen things thrown out in the dumpster or stacked up in the mail box area. But that is what Nextdoor is for, I guess. As a -------, I feel safe here in my home, in the complex and in the neighborhood. There are other gay people living here and we are talking about a pride celebration. I have a Black LIves Matters sign in my front window and I am not at all worried. I DON'T have a car, but I hear there have been some occasional car breakins, and I have caught some guy going thru the dumpsters once. I told him to get going. He did. I think we all just keep an eye on things. I saw a guy rooting around a motorcycle and reported him. it was the owner. but he thanked me. I have heard people complain about noise, but it is an apartment complex and sometimes I hear my upstairs neighbor's dog running down the stairs. But I realize that living in community means you may hear things from other people. I have apologized to him if he is annoyed by me singing 80s pop tunes or Broadway musical numbers too loudly. He laughed. There are some things I would improve, I think it is silly people can't smoke on their patios and just get busted if they litter. I understand the legal rationale for no marijuana smoking, since the Corporation owns apt complexes in Illegal States as well as Washington. With the weather changes that have happened here in Seattle, I'd like to have a screen door on the front for increased air movement. No air conditioning in Seattle but out summers are getting hotter. What I thought would be a 1 year transition from divorce and Alaska has turned into more than just transition. I would like to stay as long as I am working in the US.
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Auntilaura, we strive for 100% satisfaction, and it is great to see you had such a positive experience at Westhaven Apartments. Our team strives to deliver an excellent experience, and are glad you found this to be the case during your visit. If you have further needs or questions, please reach out! Sincerely, Amelia

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Westhaven Apartments

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