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Westminster Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2006
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So I moved into the the WESTMINSTER PLACE APTS in Dec. of 05. I figured, hey, great location, great price, can't beat that. Boy was i wrong. The first thing you may notice when walking into the building is the smell of dog, second is that UGLY red carpet they have. Not only did the building smell like dog, I had fleas in my apt. This is pretty strange for me, since i dont own a pet. I spoke to management about this issue and was completely ignored.Having to deal with the noise not only from the building being built behind us but as well as the noise from the club near by with people fighting and cops showing up. Not my idea of a great place to live. Management there sucked as well. I would ask to have something fixed and nothing would be done. I had asked to have my shower head fixed since it leaked and sprayed water everywhere. All they did was hang a new shower head on my front door. which meant i should be the person who should fix it myself. Then prices increased in rent which was pretty outragous. Then getting something done with the management was like pulling teeth. You never get a call back from anyone until a few weeks later. Then to top it all off, i decided to end my lease instead of resigning a new one. So a month later I still haven't recieved my deposit. So i contacted the apt manager a few times, still no calls. So i took it upon myself to go above her and contact the management company. Big WOW! Talk about rude and people not knowing anything. they are trying to hold my deposit check due to fees that are not even correct. Then when i mentioned the 14day law in which you should recieve a refund check or a letter why they holding it. She was shocked that I even knew what I was talking about. yes you have 14 days to recieve a check or a notice. If not you can collect up to twice the amount. Something you should know when moving into this apts. Also, just so anyone else having to deal with this, here is the contact information for the management company, cause it took me forever to find out who it was. <br><br>RP Management<br>600 Queen Anne Ave N.<br>Seattle, WA<br>206-282-6939<br><br>Just think before moving into this building. If you can put up with the smells, the noise, the management and stress of living here. Go right ahead.
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Westminster Apartments

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