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Westwood Apartments



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mattyc9 • Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/14/2002
We were attracted to this complex for two reasons: it was available and it was fairly cheap. We pay $990 a month for a 2 BR with den, which is basically a three bedroom...don´t ask me what the difference is. The rooms are very small (7.5´ x 9.5´). Our 2 bathrooms are funky, one is a very small complete bathroom, and the other is a toilet and shower, but the sink and drawers are outside, like you´d have at a hotel. Doesn´t really bother me, though. <br> <br>Ants were a bit of a problem, we had to seal pretty much all our food. I bug bombed the place to get rid of some fleas (I do not believe they were initially in the apartment, I think I brought them over somehow from the last one), and the ants disappeared for a time, but returned. After we started keeping our food covered well, the problem kind of went away. I still see them every once in awhile, but not as bad as they were. <br> <br>If you walk around our apt with socks on, they will likely end up smelling like cat piss. Not sure where it´s at, but I wear flip flops around just in case. <br> <br>Freeway is close by, but the noise doesn´t bother me...it´s not that loud. Occasionally we get people in the alley below yelling and crap. And people yelling from windows. Not often though. <br> <br>I don´t have a car to park in the lot below, but from what my friend tells me, it´s horrible. His car has been broken into 4 times. The security there is terrible. My roomate´s bike seat was stolen, then mine was stolen. My roomate has a truck that he parks wherever he can outside, and he usually ends up with an alright spot, and no break ins. <br> <br>The landlady is always on the cross. Anyone requesting information on the complex is greeted with a sigh and a monotone voice rattling off information. I don´t think I´ve ever seen anyone so reluctant to do their job. <br> <br>Not the greatest place in the world. If you can find better, take it.
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Westwood Apartments

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