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Willow Lake Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2007
I lived in the garbage complex for 6 months. They have no assigned parking so if you come home after 6pm or so... plan on walking across the complex to your house because ALL of the close parking is taken. If I ever came home late I would have to RUN to my apartment with my keys in my hand and ready to open my door and lock it immediately! I had a drug dealer that lived downstairs from me and his "clients" would sit outside his apartment waiting for him to come home. As soon as you would open your door to leave you could smell them all the way upstairs! Every month there were notices sent out warning tenants of people getting mugged in the parking lot and also robbed inside their apartments. Every weekend people would walk about and knock on your door trying to sell you tamales. I had a hard time getting my deposit back like some of the other posters.. even though I cleaned my apartment the same as I did with every other apartment I had (and I got those deposits back!) they claimed the place was "filthy" and refused to give it back! Whatever, I wish that I didn't even waste my time cleaning the place up! When I moved in, some man off the street approached me and said he was looking for work and offered to "help me move into my apartment". Right.... There is a lot of traffic coming and going from this complex. Oh and not to mention the disgusting and ugly woodstove they had the nerve to call a fireplace! I definately would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.
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Willow Lake Apartments

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