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Chateau Rainier Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/03/2007
We lived at these particular apartments for six months in that short amount of time I had rocks thrown at me and my 6 month old baby if I wouldnt've turned when I did the rock woulda hit her in the head I complained to the management and they did nothing about it, Any time maitanance went to fix anything they charge you for it even if its not your fault, Noisy neighbors, teenage gang violence, property destroyed, the parks were full of cat poop and garbage, someone called the cops on us for throwing our garbage in the trash can and the cop harrassed us even though we were residents there, The management are jerks,it took them 2 months to fix our washing machine, kids run wild through the complex, my neighbor upstairs dumped dirty water all over there porch from mopping and the porches leak so we got soaked complaining to the managment they don't care. They charged us almost $1000 worth of damages when we moved out for common damage and damage that was there from the previous tenants that was clearly stated on the move in sheet but they had made every excuse in the book that it was our fault we had the apartment thoroughly cleaned when we moved. The place was a nightmare to live in and I am glad I moved when I did
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Chateau Rainier Apartments

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