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Monterra Apartments

416 111th Street Court East

Tacoma, WA 98445



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/09/2006
where to begin...well first of all, i lived there with my mom. we were not section 8(low income housing). i came home one day from school and some gangster wannabe girls were sitting in the stairway. i politely said "excuse me" and one of them jumped up and started yelling at me to go around and all this, i just said, i just want to go up the stairs, and one of them pulled out a knife. after i got away, i was able to call the police and it took them 3 hours to get there. they said they dont come that quickly because they know this place is "the ------ of parkland". seriously, i felt more safe driving through compton, ca by myself(im a 20 year old white girl). the management are overall ------- and dont take any of your complaints seriously and they are very condescending when you actually do get ahold of them. the children run wild and are extremely rude and the noise is rediculous. our car windshield was busted by a kid with a golf club. not to mention the drug dealing, the prostitution, and the violence. and dont even get me started on how the night security smokes with the druggies in the J building. the only good thing about this place was leaving it. rent was rediculously high for the unsafe community. also, our $50 a month garage was broken into by a 13 year old child. he pulled up very hard on the locked handle and it came open. then someone ran into the garage door with a car. my little sister was jumped by a group of teenage boys and was beaten and kicked unconscious...all for her shoes. the cops are there every single day. and we kept to ourselves...i can only imagine what they do to people that like spending time outside. it got so bad we ended up having to break our lease. seriously, if you value your life and your childrens life, you will not move here.
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Monterra Apartments

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