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The Pacifica

4275 South Pine St

Tacoma, WA 98409

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Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
When I moved in here it was owned/run by someone else. Green Leaf took over and things have flip flopped. The original manager they brought on was nice and I liked her, she took calls and emails (sometimes late at night), was friendly, from what I saw was ALWAYS there, even on weekends. While stuff was broken (like one of our gates to get to the parking lot outside the property) when I asked for updates I got them and she was excited when she got approval to get a part replaced so it would be fixed and suddenly she was gone and the new person, Jamie, appeared and is a complete b**ch. I get told that they don't have funds to host gatherings like the old company did every month. Heck even the last manager held one, so why not now? Oh and office hours, now they close whenever they feel like it. The office at least was open 9-6 on weekdays and 10-5 on Saturday like the front door says, but now that the new manager is here they are NEVER there. Such a joke. I went to talk to the new manager about an issue in my home and my issue with the new cabana hours (which Green Leaf changed to only business hours) and was told to talk to the flaky leasing girl because "she didn't need to know these things". Seriously? Any of the past managers would have listened to my issues and concerns and given a damn, but not this girl. And the leasing girl, swears while at the desk, I hear the two talking garbage about people when they think no one is listening or are out of hearing range. Professional... I do like the new maintenance supervisor, he does great work and is very friendly if I see him in the hallway, but besides that this new staff is garbage. I cannot wait until the lease is up, this place is a joke, the staff is rude, and so unprofessional, and it continues to get worse and worse day by day. I cannot wait to move and be somewhere with people who care again. I can deal with things being, well not perfect by any means, but this is too much for the amount of money people spend here. I know not only myself, but so many other residents plan on moving out because of these changes and the fact that no one listens to us. I cannot even find a phone number online to call the corporate office and the new manager will not provide this to us and neither will the leasing girl. Worst office staff ever.
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The Pacifica

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