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Winwood Park Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
The new owners and management of this complex are completely and utterly out of line and frankly shred the landlord Tennant act. They went into the apartment while I was away on a trip for the holidays and literally threw all of my belongings and my children's belongings and keepsakes in the garbage!! Unheard of in all my years of renting. They even threw my grandfather's remains (ashes)!!!! I wrote a letter of intent to vacate and left in INSIDE my apartment. Maintenance came in to replace smoke alarms, saw the note and gave it to management. What the hell is a maintenance man doing taking ANYTHING out of my place in my absence?!!! So the new manager used this to assume abandonment and had ALL my belongings not placed in safe storage as the law requires, but thrown in the garbage!!! And no apology, no remorse. This new manager is arrogant and is in my opinion very dangerous as she doesn't even respect or take responsibility for her actions and I find it very disturbing that this new ownership does not step in and make this right. I will be taking this all the way and just retained a lawyer who is appalled at what has happened and if they go a for a second they are just going to bully people with no regard for the law I mean to knock them off their high horse and shame on them for how they are behaving. Terrible morality and ethics. DO NOT GET INVOLVES QITH THESE PEOPLE!! FAIR WARNING.
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Winwood Park Apartments

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