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Sedona at Bridgecreek

2220 Northeast Bridgecreek Avenue

Vancouver, WA 98664



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2003 Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2003
I lived at Bridgecreek Terrace from November 2002-October 2003 and moved only because my job took me out of town. I would have stayed forever otherwise, and I would move back to Bridgecreek Terrace in heartbeat if I was ever to move back to Vancouver. I had only a few minor complaints (at the bottom), but would still give 9.8 out of 10 stars.<br><br>PRICE - I did a lot of comparison shopping when I found this apartment, and I am convinced that there is no better deal in Vancouver when considering all that is included. I paid $540 for a one-bedroom, but after I moved in, rent for new residents was $550(still reasonable). <br><br>UPDATE: That said, I just saw an ad today saying that a 1-bedroom (722 sq ft) is now $550-$575 , and a 2-bedroom (927 sq ft) is $645-$675, so I?m not sure if they have put some kind of new pricing into effect using a range instead of a flat rate or how they determine which apartments rent for how much... I?d have to think about it and compare other places again (like the one across the street, Meadow Brook Place with similar pricing and similar floorplans but no free cable when I looked) before paying at the top of that range, but the lower end is a great value.<br><br>FLOORPLAN - I loved the floorplan. The kitchen is very open (not quite a breakfast bar, but the same style without a countertop) and is not the cramped galley style like most places. I liked the way the layout had a lot of angles, making it feel less "boxy" than many places. The balcony was a decent size, too. Even though I think the place is a little older, it is very clean and has a fresh feel.<br><br>FIREPLACE - It has a woodburning one in every apartment (not just "selected" apartments that cost more), and it was a nice touch, even if I didn?t actually use it a lot.<br><br>PANTRY - The kitchen had a good sized pantry that made it a lot easier to store food. Now I can?t imagine a kitchen without a pantry.<br><br>PRIVATE ENTRY - Every apartment has its own entry from the outside so that when you open your door, it opens to your own (decent sized) porch. There were no noisy hallways or an extra door to open. I was on the second floor, and when I went up the stairs, the only door at the top was my own. Again, just a nice touch.<br><br>QUIET - The only noise I ever really heard were kids playing in the summer, but that didn?t bother me because the other 9 months I just got to enjoy looking out on the nice open space (and across to the wetlands). I never heard loud music other than a very occassional car driving by with the radio cranked - and even this was very, very rare (and something that probably happens anywhere).<br><br>WASHER/DRYER - Having a washer & dryer inside your apartment is incredibly convenient, and all of their apartments had them. Another thing I can't imagine living without anymore.<br><br>DISHWASHER - Also incredibly convenient and in all of their apartments.<br><br>FREE EXPANDED BASIC CABLE - I didn't see very many other apartments that offered free expanded basic cable, and certainly none that also had such reasonable rent. Considering that this service costs approximately $40 per month, it is a great deal. Cable internet was NOT free as a previous post thought it might be, but I haven?t heard of any place that throws that in for free...<br><br>MAILBOXES & TRASH - The complex is laid out really well in that there are several banks of mailboxes and trash/recycling bins, so they are never far from any apartment. Very convenient, especially in the rain :) The garbage service was included in the rent, so there was no additional fee/bill which made it even better.<br><br>PARKING - I suppose this may depend on which building you live in, but I never really had much trouble finding a parking space somewhat close. Sometimes I had to walk a little bit further, but there was almost always a space, except a time or two on the weekends. For convenience, I did finally get a carport, and it was only $20 per month. Not bad considering how cheap the rent was and that I was getting free cable :)<br><br>SAFETY - I suppose that anything can happen almost anywhere, but I am glad to say that I felt generally safe, and I never called the police for anything or even saw the cops in the complex in the year that I was there. I never heard of any attacks, robberies or car break-ins. If this stuff happened, I never heard about it in my part of the complex.<br><br>MAINTENANCE - I only had a few maintenance requests a few times, and they were always handled in a timely manner, usually within 24 hours.<br><br>INDOOR HOT TUB - I loved the indoor hot tub because it was really big, and since it was indoors, I could go year-round. At the times I went, there was rarely anyone else using the hot tub.<br><br>DEPOSIT - The deposit was $250, which I think is about average for a lot of places, and I just got my ENTIRE deposit back this week (I moved out only a couple of weeks ago). I?ve heard that a lot a places find reasons not to refund much of your deposit, so I didn?t even expect to get much back and was delighted when I got a check for the whole $250.<br><br>So those are all of the things I loved about Bridgecreek Terrace, but it?s only fair to mention my few complaints, too...<br><br>FITNESS CENTER - I wouldn?t really describe it a "fitness center" as the apartment ads do. There were two treadmills, an exercise bike and one of those pieces of equipment where you put your arms like they are on chair arms and then raise or curl up your legs (no idea what that thing is called). Anyway, that was the begining and end of the "fitness center," and all of the equipment was old and didn?t seem to work all of the time. If you are looking for an apartment with great exercise facilities, this is not the place. With as reasonable as the rent is, though, living there and joining a gym might be the best way to have your cake and eat it, too. Lucky for me I am lazy and didn?t go in there very often. Maybe the management will update the equipment someday... There was a pool that looked nice, but I never actually got around to going in, so I can?t really say much about it.<br><br>MANAGEMENT OFFICE - It?s not that they were always rude, but it took only a few times to sort of leave a bad taste in my mouth. The times that stand out are that Whenever something happened at the complex (like leaving trash by the pool, not cleaning up after a pet, etc.), a newsletter would go out that was often condescending to all residents when it was probably the actions of only one or two residents that prompted the admonishing. Not very professional or resident friendly in that respect. The other thing that irritated me was that the office was not always open during office hours, and they would sometimes close early, meaning that I couldn?t get there in time after work. The only time it really mattered was when I would get a note in my mailbox that I had a package in the office, and I would try to rush to the office only to find that they had closed for the day 15 - 60 minutes earlier that day. With only two people working in the office, I suppose this can happen, but it was still irritating.<br><br>As I said at the start, I would still give Bridgecreek Terrace 9.8 out of 10 stars and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for what I think is the best value in apartments in Vancouver in terms of both price and quality.
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Sedona at Bridgecreek

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