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Westwinds Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
pretty much all bad things I've read so far, I agree with, but here's my list:<br><br>- long hallways! I lived towards the end of the building, so I'd walk up the long incline of a sidewalk, go through entry door, only to go all the way back the other way again - a complete 270 degrees!<br>- leaky garage, and they charge you $30/mo. for it? not worth the cost in my opinion<br>- average turn around for maintenance was 2 months<br>- heat included in rent (good) but expect your apartment to be 80-85 degrees in winter, perhaps higher if you're on 3rd floor<br>- not only are the walls thin, but I had neighbors that would literally BLARE their music, I don't want to even know how many other apt's could hear their music, plus the people above me would walk very hard across the floor all the time<br>- bathroom is very poorly designed, too much underutilized space, I'd rather have more bedroom or kitchen space, plus almost the entire thing was carpeted (so I'd vacuum litter constantly) <br>- old heat registers take up entire length of one bedroom wall and one living room wall (the side with the windows), combine that with bedroom closet that took up a whole other side, and rearranging furniture is tricky<br>- the person that painted my apartment painted practically everything white, including my bathroom door and the inside of my phone jacks, rendering them unusable<br>- beware that there is a 60 day moveout notice, when most other places in Eau Claire are only 30 - when I lost my job and had to move elsewhere, I got stuck paying the full 60 days PLUS electricity (not much kwH, but $8.50 each month just for their service charge)<br>- one big sink instead of dual sinks in the kitchen, and because there's a garbage disposal, it's difficult to find a sink stopper for it<br>- community room is nice but although it's supposed to be open until 10pm everyday, there were many times I would find it closed by 7pm already, some weekends it wasn't open at all, so much for watching "free" movies using their expanded basic cable service!<br>- there are Pharaoh ants which are practically impossible to get rid of, although I finally did using Toro liquid filled baits (don't bother with the cheap, free stuff management gives you, it doesn't work)<br>- it is true, that the place still has a 70s look to it because the only updating they do is if something is broken, and even then, it doesn't always happen<br><br>A few good things...<br>- $200/deposit for cats and it can be paid in $50 installments, and is refundable if no damage<br>- good location...Pick 'n Save and gym across the street, Kwik Trip another block away, plus RCU & Wells Fargo, plus Pick 'n Save has a postal service<br>- fairly spacious apartment, all things considered<br>- relatively cheap rent for what you get (big patio, dishwasher, all utilities except electric included, very nice community room with 50 inch TV, piano, and kitchenette, etc.)<br>- on the day i moved out of my apartment, they FINALLY began to fix the leaky garage roof, which had been that way since ~1986 I had heard, hm, interesting
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Westwinds Apartments

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