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Arbor Hills Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
I lived at Arbor Hills from 2001-2003 and I find it REALLY funny that all these comments I'm reading NOW in 2007 are completely true. Living at Arbor Hills was nothing but a travesty. The apartment itself might have been ok (this is way before the nice rehabs) had the following conditions been met: 1. Nobody was trying to steal my cat out of the bedroom window at 3am (1st floor) 2. There weren't shootings in the parking lot 3. The partying went away 4. You didn't have a neighbor that lived underneath you (after I moved to 2nd floor to see if the noise was any less) that aparantly thought I by myself could make so much noise at 7pm that he found it necessary to bang on the walls and ceilings, ring the door buzzer and dissapear every night (until I caught him) and then come to my apartment door with something behind his back (i didn't open the door to find out) 5. My car windows would stay intact and my possessions inside the car would be there in the morning 6. Have a leaky roof, which in turn worked it's way right through my bedroom ceiling left to leak for a year. The only thing done about this was the maintanence guy put an air conditioning cover on the floor underneath the leak and unrolled an entire roll of paper towl into it "so at least I wouldn't hear the drip". 7. Have another maintanence guy suprise you in your apartment because he fell from the attic right through into the kitchen, thus making a 6 foot hole in the ceiling, in turn, exploding blown insulation onto every exposed surface of my apartment from bathroom to living room all because he finally got around to fixing the small leak. 8. Have the same face in the office when you go to do any business. 9. Have the pool close twice because kids find it FUN to go #2 and watch it float 10. The all around inconvenience you could ever imagine because you "think the price is right". The above list is TRUE and unexaggerated.
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Arbor Hills Apartments

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