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Lincoln Ridge Apts.

4 South Lincoln Ridge Drive

Madison, WI 53719



Resident · 2011 - 2014
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Office Staff
I've been at Lincoln Ridge since I moved to Madison about three years ago, and...I've mixed feelings. The reason I picked Lincoln Ridge over, say, the less expensive New Fountains or centrally located Greenbriar, is because the staff here made quite the impression on me. They were nice, friendly, helpful, seemed to care about my well-being.... They've always been friendly and courteous to me; although, I've yet to actually meet ---- or ----- (former manager and current manager) in person. ------ was my favorite when he was still working here, and the person who's since taken his place, ----, is just as amiable. Whenever I've talked to them about a dissatisfier, may it be maintenance or a general complaint about hallway smells, they're quick to address it. In terms of management... I prefer ---- (now gone) because she would send residents a notice for late rent, giving you an extra day or two, before punishing you for it--now don't get me wrong, I pay my rent religiously each month; it's just time occasionally slips away too quickly when one works 12-hour days (has only happened once so far). With -----...well, I've gotten fined before for slipping my rent in through the drop slot midday Saturday when the rent was officially due on Monday (the day after). wth? I'm also not a fan of their office hours--during the summer, it's okay because they're open for some length of time on Saturday and open until 6pm weekdays. In the winter, however, they're closed all weekend and are only open from 9am to 5pm. How is any working person supposed to visit the office then?? I wouldn't really care about this EXCEPT most packages will go to the office where you'll need to pick them up. If you're lucky, then your packages will have shipped via USPS and are small enough to fit in your mailbox. If not, and it's winter time, you can call and ask them to leave your packages in the bathroom for you to pick up after hours...or have stolen by any joe'smoe passing by the restrooms (maybe picking up their own packages). However, making some time to personally pick up your packages isn't a guarantee that you'll actually get them. The office has lost two of my packages so far ($350 combined value), which is highly frustrating. And yes, an office employee did sign for one of my packages so I *know* it was in the office at some point. I don't know if the office sometimes give people the wrong packages or what, but they don't seem to have a system to check whether the person claiming to pick up packages for apartment ### is *actually* authorized to do so. You basically give them the apartment number and they give you whatever packages are available for that apartment. Don't get me started on the bathroom winter workaround. But, I guess two packages out of the several dozens I *have* received isn't too, too terrible a percentage. In terms of the apartments themselves.... The windows are indeed drafty. My bedroom is several degrees cooler than the rest of the suite thanks to the windows. The window in my living room actually leaks when it rains (the office knows about it); I don't mind setting up a makeshift water catcher whenever the dark clouds come, though, since it's kinda like setting up a Rube-Goldberg machine. The bathroom also mildews easily, too. I can also hear next-door bangs, thumps, and when my neighbor showers or does his laundry. You can definitely tell when a party's going on next door...but it's not as bad as my college neighbors, whose suite was only separated from ours by a fire door. These things haven't really bothered me, though, and I got a garage so can't comment on the parking lot. The one time my heater broke down in the middle of winter, I called maintenance that morning and by the time I came home from work, I had a brand new thermostat and working heater. When my kitchen pipes froze, maintenance also came to address that right away (it took a while for the pipes to thaw, though). In fact, they've always been quick to address my suite complaints (except for the leaky window, but I guess I can't show them it when it's not raining)--everything from the garage door opener not working to my sink disposal getting stuck. Anyway, it's not that bad of a place. Staff is generally nice and responsive (to me?); they hold apartment-wide parties with sweet prize raffles yearly. Suites have their downsides, but nothing for me to really complain about. Their office hours during the winter months are inconvenient, and if you have any highly prized packages coming, you might want to have the shipping company hold them for pickup. Lost packages is definitely my biggest dissatisfier with Lincoln Ridge.
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Lincoln Ridge Apts.

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