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Lincoln Ridge Apts.

4 South Lincoln Ridge Drive

Madison, WI 53719



Resident · 2013 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Staff will give you a five day eviction notice the second they see you owe them ANYTHING. I also found black mold in our bathroom and in our bedroom by the bathroom door. Maintenance said the sealant between the tiles in the shower had cracks in them. We only lived here for 8 months and took care of the shower! The mold above my shower showed a couple weeks after moving in despite always using the fan. Upon closer inspection I could see they had tried to paint it over. Before we moved in we were told we had to wait to move in due to the carpet being replaced since it was well over 5 years old. When we moved in it was NOT replaced like promised! We were delayed on moving in for NOTHING. There a fire poker burn mark gouges by the fireplace and stains EVERYWHERE! The support beam for a shelf In our roomates closet was broken upon arrival. The dishwasher is now leaking water and we haven't even lived here a year yet. The neighbor beneath us is beyond rude and lies to the office about us, we didn't do half the things she accused us of and the things that were true were highly exaggerated. I have a newborn and have to get up a lot in the middle of the night and she accused us of stomping at all times of the day especially at night! Its called a poorly built residence with creaky floors lady, get used to it! Its an apartment complex, what do you expect? The dog poop thing is true btw, hardly ANYONE cleans up after their animals, its disgusting. The windows are extremely drafty and the heat bill is always high because you can't keep the temperature the same for more then 10 min. We notified the office we are not staying and they gave a notice today that we will have someone coming to look at our apartment between 11:45-12:15 tomorrow. We got our notofication between 4:30-5:08. Legally they have to give you a 24 hour notice of people viewing your apartment! They even state it in the lease! We told them we REFUSE them to view the apartment at that time, and to reschedule and give us 24 hours notice. Know your rights as a tenant, you pay for it! They legally cannot show your apartment If you say no due to them Intruding on your privacy If they gave you little to no notice. Maintenance is 50/50 depending on what building you live in. The current building we are in has fairly nice and competent maintence people. If you are living on the same side of the road as the walmart beware of that maintence person! He is an older thin man, short hair, glasses, scruffy looking and always reeks of cigarettes. Veyr sarcastic and rude and doesn't know what he's doing. He doesn't knock either. We requested to have the overflow in our sink fixed and specifically asked for maintenance to knock or call before entering, and if there was no reply to leave. We woke up at 9am to hear someone banging around in our bathroom! They never tried calling at all, I checked my phone. We have caught him trying to enter before and he never knocked. We had to ask THREE times to get that sink fixed. The overflow kept leaking despite it being fixed. It turned out he was told to replace it and he decided to ignore them and not do his job. Just a few months ago we heard several residents cars in our parking lot were broken into. Your car may not be safe parked out there. not to mention non residents hog all the parking spots on weekends and they never get ticketed! Thank you Joel for always being awesome! He is the best staff working there currently. I give him 5 stars! He made sure maintenance took care of our mold problem asap when we finally found it. All in all...I don't recommend living here. You don't get the bang for your buck at all. Expensive rent for poorly built housing.
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Lincoln Ridge Apts. Manager


We appreciate that you took the time to write a review regarding our community and apologize you found your stay less than satisfactory. As you mentioned in your review, once our team knew of your concerns, they addressed the issues right away. We encourage any current and future residents to come to the office and speak with the office team. They are there to assist our residents.

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Lincoln Ridge Apts.

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