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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2005
I've read all the posts and must say that I've found quite the opposite of what others have experienced. <br><br>When I moved in, the place was very clean, freshly painted and in excellent condition. The only thing was that the carpet smelled like dog - but since it was a dog unit I dealt with it. There were no spots or stains.<br><br>Parking has been ample - but I have noticed some lights out, noise is not a problem, I haven't come across all these drug dealers people have posted about, and I find the office staff to be helpful and friendly.<br><br>The grounds seem well kept in my opinion and there is NOT garbage overflowing from the dumpsters.<br><br>Yes, I have noticed that people have not been picking up after their dogs - and the management has put up notices reminding dog owners to do so. I have always picked up after my dog and think it's just dog owner being lazy who don't.<br><br>Other than that I don't see what all the fuss is about? There are many units in the Meadows and perhaps some are worse than others. I live in a unit with that has a couple students and a couple older folk living in the apartments. So far I haven't had a problem with any noise from anyone.<br><br>I also haven't had any maintenance issues - so I can't really comment on how good or bad they are at responding/fixing issues, etc.<br><br>Some of the posters here sound like they maybe "problem tenants" themselves - because some people can never be pleased. Others may have very real complaints. My word of advice would be to know your tenant rights - tenants who ----- and complain but don't DO anything to advocate for themselves are ridiculous. You have rights if maintenance doesn't respond or repair something within a certain amount of time. IF the landlord/management is ignoring your requests for whatever, you have every right to go to a lawyer, etc - look online for Wisconsin's tenant's rights - it's pretty easy to find. Sitting and complaining about things and not taking any action to protect your rights is your own fault.<br><br>If there's excessive noise and you don't like how the management is handling it - call the police and report a noise disturbance.<br><br>On the other hand, if you are doing everything you can to get the management to respond, take action, etc - and they (the management) is treating you in a negative way just because you complained about something - then you can file a complaint against them. Landlords cannot by law treat you any different (meaning - evict you, withhold services, etc) because you file complaints - even if you have to take them to court - they cannot take it out on you. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.<br><br>The Meadows may not be the greatest place to live - but I think it's pretty darn good compared to some other crap apartment complexes I visited before choosing The Meadows.
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